Biomedical Technology and Devices, Second Edition focuses on the equipment, devices, and techniques used in modern medicine to diagnose, treat, and monitor human illnesses. Gathering together and compiling the latest information available on medical technology, this revised work adds ten new chapters. It starts with the basics, introducing the hist

chapter 1|12 pages

- Measuring Body Temperature

ByDaniel S. Moran, Tal A. Kohen, Yossi Weiss

chapter 2|18 pages

- Ultrasonic Blood Flow and Velocity Measurement

ByCraig J. Hartley

chapter 3|18 pages

- Evoked Potentials

ByHermann Hinrichs

chapter 4|22 pages

- Electroencephalography

ByHermann Hinrichs

chapter 5|42 pages

- Hearing and Audiological Assessment

ByHerbert Jay Gould, Daniel S. Beasley

chapter 6|30 pages

- Magnetic Resonance Imaging

ByTimothy P.L. Roberts, Christopher K. Macgowan, and Mary P. McDougall

chapter 7|32 pages

- Ultrasonic Imaging

ByElisa E. Konofagou

chapter 8|40 pages

- Emission Imaging

ByMark Lenox

chapter 9|30 pages

- Endoscopy

ByKristen C. Maitland, Thomas D. Wang

chapter 10|20 pages

- Optical Coherence Tomography

ByRyan L. Shelton, Sebina Shrestha, Jesung Park, Brian E. Applegate

chapter 11|26 pages

- Biophotonics: Clinical Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Imaging

ByW.R. Lloyd III, L.-C. Chen, R.H. Wilson, and M.-A. Mycek

chapter 12|46 pages

Biological Assays: Cellular Level

ByClark T. Hung, Elena Alegre Aguarón, Terri-Ann N. Kelly, and Robert L. Mauck

chapter 13|28 pages

- Histology and Staining

ByS.E. Greenwald, A.G. Brown, A. Roberts, and F.J. Clubb, Jr.

chapter 14|12 pages

- Radioimmunoassay: Technical Background

ByEiji Kawasaki

chapter 15|14 pages

- Clinically Applied Biomaterials: Soft Tissue

ByShelby Buffington, Mary Beth Browning, Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernández

chapter 16|40 pages

- Active Materials

ByKathryn E. Smith, Carl P. Frick, David L. Safranski, Christopher M. Yakacki, Ken Gall

chapter 17|28 pages

- Gene Therapy for Tissue Engineering

ByPedro Lei, Stelios T. Andreadis

chapter 18|18 pages

- Bioactive Scaffold Design for Articular Cartilage Engineering

ByEric M. Darling, Kyriacos A. Athanasiou

chapter 19|22 pages

- Anesthesia Monitoring Devices

BySpencer S. Kee, Elizabeth Rebello, Jagtar Singh Heir, Ronaldo V. Purugganan

chapter 20|28 pages

- Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Technologies

ByMichael R. Moreno, Christie Bergerson, Danika Hayman, and James E. Moore, Jr.

chapter 21|26 pages

- Neuroendovascular Medical Devices

ByAndrea D. Muschenborn, Jennifer N. Rodriguez, Jonathan Hartman, Duncan J. Maitland

chapter 22|14 pages

- Electro-Physiological Solutions for Cardiac Disease

ByLawrence J. Mulligan, Jean-Pierre Lalonde, Paul A. Iaizzo, Michael D. Eggen

chapter 23|10 pages

- Stereotactic Procedures

ByMichael D. Weil

chapter 24|24 pages

- Extracorporeal Blood-Filtering Technologies

ByJeong Chul Kim, Manish Kaushik, Claudio Ronco

chapter 25|18 pages

- Point-of-Care Monitoring Devices in Critical–Emergency–Disaster Care

ByNam Tran, Gerald J. Kost

chapter 26|26 pages

- Neural Prostheses for Movement Restoration

ByDejan B. Popovic´

chapter 27|26 pages

- Pharmaceutical Technical Background on Drug-Delivery Methods

ByRobert S. Litman

chapter 28|16 pages

- Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

ByBrent DeGeorge and Thomas J. Gampper

chapter 29|38 pages

Image-Guided Thermal Therapy

ByRobert Staruch, Kullervo Hynynen, Rajiv Chopra

chapter 30|44 pages

- Medical Robotics

ByKevin Cleary, Charles C. Nguyen