Highlighting new technologies, Remote Sensing of Natural Resources explores advanced remote sensing systems and algorithms for image processing, enhancement, feature extraction, data fusion, image classification, image-based modeling, image-based sampling design, map accuracy assessment and quality control. It also discusses their applications for

chapter 2|22 pages

- Remote Sensing Applications for Sampling Design of Natural Resources

ByGuangxing Wang, George Z. Gertner

chapter 3|12 pages

- Accuracy Assessment for Classification and Modeling

BySuming Jin

chapter 4|30 pages

- Accuracy Assessment for Soft Classification Maps

ByDaniel Gómez, Gregory S. Biging, Javier Montero

chapter 5|24 pages

- Spatial Uncertainty Analysis When Mapping Natural Resources Using Remotely Sensed Data

ByGuangxing Wang, George Z. Gertner

chapter 6|16 pages

- Land Use/Land Cover Classification in the Brazilian Amazon with Different Sensor Data and Classification Algorithms

ByGuiying Li, Dengsheng Lu, Emilio Moran, Mateus Batistella, Luciano V. Dutra, Corina C. Freitas, and Sidnei J. S. Sant’Anna

chapter 7|14 pages

- Vegetation Change Detection in the Brazilian Amazon with Multitemporal Landsat Images

ByDengsheng Lu, Guiying Li, Emilio Moran, Scott Hetrick

chapter 9|18 pages

- Road Extraction: A Review of LiDAR-Focused Studies

ByLindi J. Quackenbush, Jungho Im, Yue Zuo

chapter 10|18 pages

- Application of Remote Sensing in Ecosystem and Landscape Modeling

ByChonggang Xu, Min Chen

chapter 11|16 pages

- Plant Invasion and Imaging Spectroscopy

ByKate S. He, Duccio Rocchini

chapter 14|20 pages

- Tree Species Classification

ByRuiliang Pu

chapter 15|32 pages

- Estimation of Forest Stock and Yield Using LiDAR Data

ByMarkus Holopainen, Mikko Vastaranta, Xinlian Liang, Juha Hyyppä, Anttoni Jaakkola, and Ville Kankare

chapter 16|24 pages

- National Forest Resource Inventory and Monitoring System

ByErkki Tomppo, Matti Katila, Kai Mäkisara

chapter 17|18 pages

- Remote Sensing Applications on Crop Monitoring and Prediction

ByBingfang Wu, Jihua Meng

chapter 18|20 pages

- Remote Sensing Applications to Precision Farming

ByHaibo Yao, Yanbo Huang

chapter 19|22 pages

- Mapping and Uncertainty Analysis of Crop Residue Cover Using Sequential Gaussian Cosimulation with QuickBird Images

ByCha-Chi Fan, Guangxing Wang, George Z. Gertner, Haibo Yao, Dana G. Sullivan, Mark Masters

chapter 21|22 pages

- LiDAR Remote Sensing of Vegetation Biomass

ByQi Chen

chapter 22|22 pages

- Carbon Cycle Modeling for Terrestrial Ecosystems

ByTinglong Zhang, Changhui Peng

chapter 23|18 pages

- Remote Sensing Applications to Modeling Biomass and Carbon of Oceanic Ecosystems

BySamantha Lavender, Wahid Moufaddal

chapter 24|18 pages

- Wetland Classification

ByMaycira Costa, Thiago S. F. Silva, Teresa L. Evans