In regenerative medicine, tissue engineers largely rely on destructive and time-consuming techniques that do not allow in situ and spatial monitoring of tissue growth. Furthermore, once the therapy is implanted in the patient, clinicians are often unable to monitor what is happening in the body. To tackle these barriers, optical techniques have bee

chapter 1|26 pages

- The Role of Optical Techniques in Regenerative Medicine

ByStephen P. Morgan, Brian C. Wilson, I. Alex Vitkin, and Felicity R.A.J. Rose

chapter 2|32 pages

- Fluorescence Microscopy

ByNicola Green, John W. Haycock

chapter 3|32 pages

- Second-Harmonic Generation

ByStephen J. Matcher

chapter 4|22 pages

- Two-Photon Polymerization for Tissue-Engineered Scaffold Fabrication

ByAndrew A. Gill, Frederik Claeyssens

chapter 5|30 pages

- In Situ Microscopy

ByAndreas Prediger, Patrick Lindner, Arne Bluma, Kenneth F. Reardon, Thomas Scheper

chapter 6|26 pages

- Light Scattering as Polarization Spectroscopy

ByIrene Georgakoudi, Martin Hunter

chapter 7|34 pages

- Fluorescence Spectroscopy

ByWilliam R. Lloyd, Leng-Chun Chen, Mary-Ann Mycek

chapter 8|34 pages

- Raman Spectroscopy

ByFlavius C. Pascut, Andy Downes, Ioan Notingher

chapter 9|28 pages

- Optical Transillumination and Projection Tomography for Multidimensional Mesoscopic Imaging

ByJim Swoger, James Sharpe, Mark A. Haidekker

chapter 10|40 pages

- Optical Coherence Tomography: Overview and Applications

ByYoubo Zhao, Benedikt W. Graf, Stephen A. Boppart

chapter 11|22 pages

- Application of Polarization-Sensitive OCT and Doppler OCT in Tissue Engineering

ByYing Yang, Ian Wimpenny, Ruikang K. Wang

chapter 12|26 pages

- Photoacoustic Tomography

ByWiendelt Steenbergen

chapter 13|28 pages

- Ultrasound-Modulated Optical Tomography

ByStephen P. Morgan, Nam T. Huynh, Haowen Ruan, and Felicity R.A.J. Rose

chapter 14|20 pages

- Macroscopic Imaging in Regenerative Medicine

BySean J. Kirkpatrick, Stephen J. Matcher, and Stephen P. Morgan

chapter 15|24 pages

- Bioluminescence Imaging

ByJuliaan R.M. van Rappard, Preston Lavinghousez, and Joseph C. Wu