The current global economic downturn and considerable shifting in industrial and manufacturing activities have disturbed the industrial order. However, human work productivity is still one of the most important components of the industrial economy and a determining factor in global competiveness and influence as well as the potential for technologi

chapter 2|14 pages

Ergonomics improvements for human operators— Cost effectiveness approach

ByIssachar Gilad, Moran Elnekave

chapter 3|26 pages

Productivity and worker age

chapter 5|18 pages

Design simplification and innovation through adoption of a time-based design for maintenance methodology

ByJorge Luis García Alcaraz, Alejandro Alvarado Iniesta, and Aidé Aracely Maldonado Macías

chapter 10|18 pages

Productivity in healthcare organizations

ByAlina Adriana Minea