This book provides valuable information on the new class of nanostructures-metal/carbon nanocomposites-and discusses new methods of their synthesis, properties, and applications. It covers computer prognosis, including quantum chemical modeling, for metal/carbon nanocomposites synthesis processing as well as fine dispersed suspensions obtaining pro

chapter 3|46 pages

The Nanostructures Obtaining and the Synthesis of Metal or Carbon Nanocomposites in Nanoreactors

ByV. I. Kodolov, V. V. Trineeva, I. I. Blagodatskikh, Yu. M. Vasil′chenko, M. A. Vakhrushina, and A. Yu. Bondar

chapter 4|30 pages

The Functionalization of Metal or Carbon Nanocomposites or the Introduction of Functional Groups in Metal or Carbon Nanocomposites

ByV. I. Kodolov, L. F. Akhmetshina, M. A. Chashkin, M. A. Vakhrushina, V. V. Trineeva

chapter 5|54 pages

The Investigation of Metal or Carbon Nanocomposites Electron Structure by X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

ByI. N. Shabanova, N. S. Terebova, V. I. Kodolov, I. I. Blagodatskikh, V. V. Trineeva, L. F. Akhmetshina, M. A. Chashkin

chapter 12|18 pages

Production Of Nano-aluminum And Its Characterization

ByJayaraman Kandasamy

chapter 14|16 pages

Nanotechnology In Medical Applications

ByRamesh Chandra Pandey, Vijay Kumar Saxena, Vishwas Sharma

chapter 15|24 pages

Self-assembling Of Nanostructures

BySiva Chidambaram, Kasi Nehru, Muthusamy Sivakumar

chapter 16|26 pages

Hybrid Nanostructures For Photovoltaics

ByGanesan Mohan Kumar, Siva Chidambaram, Jin Kawakita Park Jinsub