Designed to foster a stronger awareness and exploration of the subject by practicing clinicians, medical researchers and scientists, The Clinical Nanomedicine Handbook discusses the integration of nanotechnology, biology, and medicine from a clinical point of view. The book highlights relevant research and applications by specialty; it examines nan

chapter 1|84 pages

Nanotechnology Applications for Infectious Diseases

ByEllis H. Tobin, MD

chapter 2|110 pages

Nanotechnology Applications in Dermatology

ByDavid Schairer, MD, Jason Chouake, MD, Adnan Nasir, MD, Adam Friedman, MD

chapter 4|22 pages

Nanotechnology Applications in Urology

ByHimanshu Aggarwal, MD, Barry A. Kogan, MD

chapter 5|14 pages

Nanotechnology Applications in Preventive Medicine and Public Health

ByJulielynn Wong, MD, MPH, Sara Brenner, MD, MPH

chapter 6|72 pages

Nanotechnology Applications in Vascular Medicine and Surgery

ByManish Mehta, MD; Philip S.K. Paty, MD; W. John Byrne, MD; Yaron Sternbach, MD; John B. Taggert, MD; and Kathleen J. Ozsvath, MD