Over 140 experts, 14 countries, and 89 chapters are represented in the second edition of the Bridge Engineering Handbook. This extensive collection highlights bridge engineering specimens from around the world, contains detailed information on bridge engineering, and thoroughly explains the concepts and practical applications surrounding the subjec

chapter 1|52 pages

Geotechnical Earthquake Considerations

ByCharles Scawthorn, Steven L. Kramer

chapter 2|46 pages

Earthquake Damage to Bridges

ByMark Yashinsky, Jack Moehle, Marc Eberhard

chapter 3|34 pages

Dynamic Analysis

ByWei Zhang, Murugesu Vinayagamoorth, Lian Duan

chapter 4|30 pages

Seismic Random Response Analysis

ByJiahao Lin, Yahui Zhang, Yan Zhao

chapter 5|38 pages

Nonlinear Analysis

ByMahamad Akkari, Lian Duan

chapter 6|36 pages

Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Bridges

ByM. J. Nigel Priestley, Mervyn J. Kowalsky, Gian Michele Calvi

chapter 7|42 pages

Seismic Bridge Design Specifications for the United States

ByRoy A. Imbsen

chapter 8|22 pages

Seismic Design of Concrete Bridges

ByLarry Wu

chapter 9|36 pages

Seismic Design of Steel Bridges

ByChia-Ming Uang, Michel Bruneau, Keh-Chyuan Tsai

chapter 10|44 pages

Seismic Design of Thin-Walled Steel and CFT Piers

ByYoshiaki Goto

chapter 11|68 pages

Seismic Design of Cable-Supported Bridges

ByJian Ren Tao, Semyon Treyger

chapter 12|32 pages

Seismic Isolation Design for Bridges

ByRoy A. Imbsen, Larry Wu

chapter 13|32 pages

Seismic Retrofit Technology

ByKevin I. Keady, Fadel Alameddine, Thomas E. Sardo

chapter 14|54 pages

Soil–Foundation–Structure Interaction

ByWen-Shou Tseng, Joseph Penzien

chapter 15|32 pages

Seismic Design Practice in California

ByMark Yashinsky, Lian Duan

chapter 16|34 pages

Seismic Design Practice in China

ByKehai Wang, Qian Li, Han Wei, Yue Li

chapter 17|28 pages

Seismic Design Practice in Italy

ByGian Michele Calvi, Paolo Emilio Pinto, Paolo Franchin

chapter 18|45 pages

Seismic Design Practice in Japan

ByShigeki Unjoh