Powerful, Flexible Tools for a Data-Driven WorldAs the data deluge continues in today's world, the need to master data mining, predictive analytics, and business analytics has never been greater. These techniques and tools provide unprecedented insights into data, enabling better decision making and forecasting, and ultimately the solution of incre

part 1|2 pages

Part I Introduction to Data Mining and RapidMiner

part 2|2 pages

Part 2 Basic Classification Use Cases for Credit Approval and in

part 4|2 pages

Part 4 Clustering in Medical and Educational Domains

part 5|2 pages

Part 5 Text Mining: Spam Detection, Language Detection, and Customer Feedback Analysis

part 6|2 pages

Part 6 Feature Selection and Classification in Astroparticle Physics and in Medical Domains

part 7|2 pages

Molecular Structure- and Property-Activity Relationship Modeling in Biochemistry and Medicine

part 8|2 pages

Part 8 Image Mining: Feature Extraction, Segmentation, and Classification

part 9|2 pages

Part 9 Anomaly Detection, Instance Selection, and Prototype Construction

chapter 23|28 pages

Anomaly Detection

part 10|2 pages

Meta-Learning, Automated Learner Selection, Feature Selection, and Parameter Optimization