The tropical zone contains the highest diversity of fish species on the planet. Many of these species are being continuously exposed to pollutants that pose serious hazards to fish health thereby posing serious risks for entire fish populations. This book presents information about the different responses of fish to pollutants from the molecular le

chapter 3|16 pages

Nuclear Receptors in Fish and Pollutant Interactions

ByAfonso C.D. Bainy, Jacó J. Mattos and Marília N. Siebert

chapter 4|33 pages

Fish Neurotoxic Pollutants

ByHelena Cristina Silva de Assis and Maritana Mela

chapter 5|48 pages

Pollutants and Oxidative Stress

ByFrancisco Filipak Neto

chapter 6|32 pages

Genotoxicity and Mutagenicity

ByMarta Margarete Cestari

chapter 9|37 pages

Histopathological Markers in Fish Health Assessment

ByCiro Alberto de Oliveira Ribeiro and Marisa Fernandes Narciso

chapter 11|26 pages

Nanoecotoxicology in Fish Species

ByJuliane Ventura-Lima, Alessandra Martins da Rocha,

chapter 12|12 pages

Effect of Pollutants on Condition Index

ByLarissa Paola Rodrigues Venancio