Although society has become increasingly dependent on the timely operation of logistics systems, we still face many problems regarding efficiency, the environment, energy consumption, and safety in urban transport and logistics under normal cases and in disasters. As such, understanding how to address these challenges has become essential for creat

chapter 1|30 pages

Concepts and Visions for Urban Transport and Logistics Relating to Human Security

ByEiichi Taniguchi, Russell G. Thompson, Tadashi Yamada

chapter 2|22 pages

Transport and Logistics in Asian Cities

ByTien Fang Fwa

chapter 3|24 pages

Healthy Transport

ByRussell G. Thompson

chapter 4|24 pages

Hazardous Material Transportation

ByWai Yuen Szeto, Rojee Pradhananga

chapter 5|22 pages

Mixed Traffic in Asian Cities

ByYasuhiro Shiomi

chapter 6|44 pages

Road Safety

ByNobuhiro Uno, Yasunobu Oshima, Russell G. Thompson

chapter 7|22 pages

Network Design for Freight Transport and Supply Chain

ByTadashi Yamada

chapter 8|36 pages

Vehicle Routing and Scheduling with Uncertainty

ByAli Gul Qureshi

chapter 9|20 pages

Urban Transport and Logistics in Cases of Natural Disasters

BySideney A. Schreiner, Jr.

chapter 10|10 pages

Application of ICT and ITS

ByTakayoshi Yokota, Dai Tamagawa

chapter 11|14 pages

Future Perspectives on Urban Freight Transport

ByTransport Eiichi Taniguchi, Russell G. Thompson