Integrated water resources management advocates a coordinated approach for managing water resources in a way that balances social and economic needs with concern for the environment. While potentially useful, integrated water management is also controversial. Supporters believe that the multi-dimensional nature of water can only be understood and m

part |2 pages

SECTION 1: Introduction and international perspectives

chapter 2|20 pages

Integrated Water Resources Management: State of the art and the way forward

ByP. Martínez-Santos, M.M. Aldaya & M.R. Llamas

chapter 3|10 pages

Non-Integrated Water Resources Management

ByM. Giordano & T. Shah

chapter 4|12 pages

Contemporary responses to water management challenges

ByX. Leflaive

chapter 5|18 pages

Water policy, agricultural trade and WTO rules

ByL.A. Jackson, C. Pene, M.-B. Martinez-Hommel, C. Hofmann & L. Tamiotti

part |2 pages

SECTION 2: Integrated Water Resources Management: Lessons learnt in Spain

chapter 6|20 pages

Virtual water trade, food security and sustainability: Lessons from Latin America and Spain

ByD. Chico, M.M. Aldaya, I. Flachsbarth & A. Garrido

chapter 8|24 pages

Intensive groundwater use in agriculture and IWRM: An impossible marriage?

ByL. De Stefano, E. López-Gunn & P. Martínez-Santos

chapter 9|24 pages

Future Institutions? On the evolution in Spanish institutions from policy takers to policy makers

ByE. López-Gunn, G. Huelva, L. De Stefano & F. Villarroya

chapter 10|18 pages

Urban water, an essential part of Integrated Water Resources Management

ByE. Cabrera & E. Custodio

part |2 pages

SECTION 3: Selected case studies on Integrated Water Resources Management

chapter 11|28 pages

Integrated water resources in Peru – The long road ahead

ByA.J.M. Kuroiwa, L.F. Castro, M.N. Lucen & J.I. Montenegro

chapter 12|18 pages

Integrated water management in Chile

ByG. Donoso

chapter 13|16 pages

Towards IWRM in the upper Guadiana basin, Spain

ByJ.Á.R. Cabellos

chapter 16|27 pages

The institutional organization of irrigation in Spain and other Mediterranean countries

ByL.A.D.R. Thuy, J. Valero de Palma & E. López-Gunn