This book contains the most comprehensive reviews on the latest development of switchgrass research including the agronomy of the plant, the use of endophytes and mycorrhizae for biomass production, genetics and breeding of bioenergy related traits, molecular genetics and molecular breeding, genomics, transgenics, processing, bioconversion, biosyst

chapter 1|15 pages

- An Overview of Switchgrass

ByRob Mitchell, Marty Schmer

chapter 2|51 pages

- The Agronomy of Switchgrass for Biomass

ByJohn H. Fike, Twain J. Butler, Rob Mitchell

chapter 3|42 pages

- The Use of Endophytes and Mycorrhizae in Switchgrass Biomass Production

ByChuansheng Mei, Alejandra Lara-Chavez, Scott Lowman, Barry Flinn

chapter 4|61 pages

- Switchgrass Biomass Content, Synthesis, and Biochemical Conversion to Biofuels

ByLaura Bartley, Tao Xu, Chengcheng Zhang, Hoang Nguyen, Jizhong Zhou

chapter 6|25 pages

- Switchgrass Molecular Genetics and Molecular Breeding for Bioenergy Traits

ByLinglong Liu, Yanqi Wu

chapter 7|14 pages

- Switchgrass Genomic Resources Development

ByChristopher Saski, Hong Luo

chapter 8|25 pages

- MicroRNAs and Their Potential Applications in Switchgrass Improvements

ByDayong Li, Man Zhou, Zhigang Li, Hong Luo

chapter 9|41 pages

- Tissue Culture, Genetic Transformation, and Improvement of Switchgrass Through Genetic Engineering

ByBingyu Zhao, Rongda Qu, Ruyu Li, Bin Xu, Taylor Frazier

chapter 12|22 pages

- Applications of Biomass Production Modeling for Switchgrass

ByKathrine D. Behrman, Manyowa N. Meki, Yanqi Wu, James R. Kiniry

chapter 13|25 pages

- Economics of Switchgrass Feedstock Production for the Emerging Cellulosic Biofuel Industry

ByFrancis M. Epplin, Andrew P. Griffi th and Mohua Haque

chapter 14|20 pages

- Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) as a Bioenergy Crop: Advantages, Concerns, and Future Prospects

ByCharles Kwit, Madhugiri Nageswara-Rao, C. Neal Stewart Jr