Sustainability Science and Technology: An Introduction explains the root causes of global failures in natural and human systems, as well as the most readily available technological solutions. The book dispels risky scientific and technological ideas that further complicate the current environmental and socioeconomic predicaments. It also bridges ga

chapter 1|12 pages

Freshwater Today: Uses and Misuses

ByAlejandro de las Heras and Thomas Macagno

chapter 2|22 pages

Water Bioremediation

ByMargaret Wexler, Jeremy Burgess

chapter 3|22 pages

Water Appropriate Technologies

ByMarina Islas-Espinoza and Alejandro de las Heras

chapter 4|22 pages


ByMarina Islas-Espinoza, Jeremy Burgess, Margaret Wexler

chapter 5|14 pages

Land-Use Impacts on Ecosystem Services

ByAgnieszka Ewa Latawiec and Bernardo B.N. Strassburg

chapter 6|16 pages

Conciliating Ecosystem Services and Human Needs through Improved Land Use

ByAgnieszka Ewa Latawiec and Bernardo B.N. Strassburg

chapter 7|18 pages

Sustaining Soils and Mitigating Climate Change Using Biochar

ByLewis Peake, Alessia Freddo, Brian J. Reid

chapter 8|12 pages

Energy: Defining the Future

ByDolores Durán, Eduardo A. Rincón-Mejía

chapter 9|18 pages

Solar Solutions

ByIván Martínez-Cienfuegos, Eduardo A. Rincón-Mejía

chapter 10|16 pages

Bioenergy Solutions

ByMarina Islas-Espinoza, Bernd Weber

chapter 11|22 pages

Air Pollution and Anthropogenic Climate Change

ByAlejandro de las Heras

chapter 12|18 pages

Airborne Toxic Pollutants

ByMarina Islas-Espinoza

chapter 13|16 pages

Evolution of Human Features Driving Current Unsustainability

ByAlejandro de las Heras

chapter 14|18 pages

Population and Food Sustainability

ByAlejandro de las Heras

chapter 15|20 pages

Consumption and Property

ByAlejandro de las Heras

chapter 16|20 pages

Built Environment

ByAlejandro de las Heras

chapter 17|28 pages

Sustainable Science and Technology

ByAlejandro de las Heras