Those tasked with investigating crime scenes come from a variety of backgrounds and varying levels of experience. Crime Scene Investigation Procedural Guide gives the novice investigator the procedures for almost any crime scene imaginable while providing the seasoned pro a ready reference for crimes occurring even under the most unusual of circums

chapter 1|8 pages

Initial Response

chapter 2|4 pages

Crime Scene Management

chapter 3|6 pages

Crime Scene Notes and Observation

chapter 4|8 pages

Crime Scene Videography and Photography

chapter 5|12 pages

Crime Scene Sketching

chapter 6|10 pages

Crime Scene Search Procedures

chapter 7|6 pages

Aquatic Recovery of Evidence 51

chapter 9|4 pages

Burglary and Housebreaking

chapter 10|4 pages


chapter 11|6 pages

Larceny of a Motor Vehicle

chapter 12|4 pages

Vandalism and Malicious Mischief

chapter 13|14 pages

Fire and Arson Scenes

chapter 14|10 pages

Postblast (Explosive Incident) Scenes

chapter 15|6 pages

Aggravated Assault

chapter 16|8 pages

Robbery from an Individual

chapter 17|6 pages

Robbery from a Business

chapter 18|4 pages


chapter 19|4 pages

Kidnapping and Missing Persons

chapter 20|8 pages

Rape and Sexual Assault

chapter 22|12 pages

Child Sexual Assault or Abuse

chapter 23|6 pages

Child Physical Abuse

chapter 24|8 pages

Child Neglect

chapter 25|12 pages

Friction Ridge Evidence

chapter 27|10 pages

Biological Evidence at the Scene 209

chapter 28|14 pages

Trace Evidence at the Scene

chapter 29|6 pages

Entomological Evidence at the Scene