This volume highlights the latest developments and trends in advanced non-classical materials and structures. It presents the developments of advanced materials and respective tools to characterize and predict the material properties and behavior. It also includes original, theoretical, and important experimental results that use non-routine method

chapter 1|110 pages

Advances in Electrospun Nanofi bers Modeling: An Overview

ByS. Rafi ei, S. Maghsoodlou, B. Noroozi, and A. K. Haghi

chapter 4|28 pages

Mechanisms Of Catalysis With Binary And Triple Catalytic Systems

ByL. I. Matienko, V. I. Binyukov, L. A. Mosolova, E. M. Mil, G. E. Zaikov

chapter 6|14 pages

Restructuring Of Synthetic Mineral Alloys Under Impact

ByA. M. Ignatova, M. N. Ignatov