The demands of modeling and computation in engineering are rapidly growing as a multidisciplinary area with connections to engineering, mathematics and computer science. Modeling and Computation in Engineering III contains 45 technical papers from the 3rd International Conference on Modeling and Computation in Engineering (CMCE 2014, 28-29 June 201

chapter |6 pages

GPS elevation fitting based on improved least squares collocation

Shuibing Li, Shichao Ge & Yongxiang Xu

chapter |6 pages

Tidal current numerical modeling of Chengmai Bay

Mengguo Li

chapter |6 pages

Remote sensing dynamic monitoring of drought based on TVDI in dongting lake basin

Jun Liang, Shengmei Yang, Xianquan Han & Fangfang Zhou Li Zhou

chapter |6 pages

Stability reliability analysis of high earth and rockfill dam slope

Yang Zhou & Degao Zou Xuejing Deng Shiqiang Zhao

chapter |8 pages

Overtopping risk analysis of Xiashan Reservoir

Ying Sun Zunliang Zhu Limei Teng

chapter |8 pages

Urban hydraulic structures discharge capacity study with CFD

Sui Ping Zeng Jian Tian Jie Zeng