A Hands-On Approach to Understanding and Using Actuarial ModelsComputational Actuarial Science with R provides an introduction to the computational aspects of actuarial science. Using simple R code, the book helps you understand the algorithms involved in actuarial computations. It also covers more advanced topics, such as parallel computing and C/

chapter 1|72 pages


ByArthur Charpentier, Rob Kaas

part |2 pages

I Methodology

chapter 2|52 pages

Standard Statistical Inference

ByChristophe Dutang

chapter 3|38 pages

Bayesian Philosophy

chapter 4|42 pages

Statistical Learning

chapter 5|50 pages

Spatial Analysis

chapter 6|30 pages

Reinsurance and Extremal Events

ByEric Gilleland, Mathieu Ribatet

part |2 pages

II Life Insurance

chapter 7|30 pages

Life Contingencies

chapter 8|26 pages

Prospective Life Tables

chapter 10|24 pages

Survival Analysis

part |2 pages

Part III: Finance

chapter 11|20 pages

Stock Prices and Time Series

ByYohan Chalabi and Diethelm Wu¨rtz

chapter 12|18 pages

Yield Curves and Interest Rates Models

BySergio S. Guirreri

chapter 13|26 pages

Portfolio Allocation

ByYohan Chalabi and Diethelm Wu¨rtz

part |2 pages

Part IV: Non-Life Insurance

chapter 14|36 pages

General Insurance Pricing

chapter 15|32 pages

Longitudinal Data and Experience Rating

chapter 16|40 pages

Claims Reserving and IBNR