Sequencing of the maize genome has opened up new opportunities in maize breeding, genetics and genomics research. This book highlights modern trends in development of hybrids, analysis of genetic diversity, molecular breeding, comparative and functional genomics, epigenomicsand proteomics in maize. The use of maize in biofuels, phytoremediation and

chapter 1|13 pages

- Basic Information

ByKefeng Li, Wusirika Ramakrishna

chapter 2|37 pages

- Breeding and Genetic Diversity

ByMajor M Goodman, James B Holland and J Jesus Sánchez G

chapter 3|13 pages

- Genomic Distribution of Genetic Diversity in Elite Maize Germplasm

ByChristine Hainey, J Antoni Rafalski, Michael Hanafey, Ying Zhang, William Krespan, Stanley D Luck, Oscar S Smith, Geoff Graham, Scott Tingey

chapter 4|25 pages

- Genetic Inference on Quantitative Traits Through Linkage and Association Studies

BySeth C Murray, Randall J Wisser

chapter 5|31 pages

- Molecular Marker-Assisted Breeding for Tropical Maize Improvement

ByBM Prasanna, Raman Babu, Sudha Nair, Kassa Semagn, Vijay Chaikam, Jill Cairns, Xuecai Zhang, Yunbi Xu and Michael Olsen

chapter 6|11 pages

- Comparative Genomics

ByWusirika Ramakrishna, Rafi Shaik

chapter 8|34 pages

- Epigenomics

ByThelma F Madzima, Amy Sloan, Linda Stroud, Karen M McGinnis

chapter 9|18 pages

- Proteomic Research Progress in Maize Development, Stress Response and Heterosis

ByJihua Tang, Zhiyuan Fu, Baichen Wang

chapter 11|21 pages

- Databases

ByMary L Schaeffer, Taner Z Sen, Carolyn J Lawrence

chapter 12|20 pages

- Non-Traditional Uses of Maize: Biofuels, Remediation and Pharmaceuticals

ByRupali Datta, Goeff K Kinrade, Dibyendu Sarkar