Featuring contributions from major technology vendors, industry consortia, and government and private research establishments, the Industrial Communication Technology Handbook, Second Edition provides comprehensive and authoritative coverage of wire- and wireless-based specialized communication networks used in plant and factory automation, automotive applications, avionics, building automation, energy and power systems, train applications, and more.

New to the Second Edition:

  • 46 brand-new chapters and 21 substantially revised chapters
  • Inclusion of the latest, most significant developments in specialized communication technologies and systems
  • Addition of new application domains for specialized networks

The Industrial Communication Technology Handbook, Second Edition supplies readers with a thorough understanding of the application-specific requirements for communication services and their supporting technologies. It is useful to a broad spectrum of professionals involved in the conception, design, development, standardization, and use of specialized communication networks as well as academic institutions engaged in engineering education and vocational training.

part I

Field Area and Control Networks

chapter 2

Networked Control Systems for Manufacturing

Parameterization, Differentiation, Evaluation, and Application

chapter 6


chapter 12


chapter 15


part III

Fault-Tolerant Clock Synchronization in Industrial Automation Networks

part V

Safety Technologies in Industrial Networks and Network Security

part VI

Wireless Industrial Networks

chapter 32


part XII

Communication Networks and Services in Railway Applications

part XIII

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International

part XIV

Emerging Protocols and Technologies