The application of imaging techniques in plant and agricultural sciences had previously been confined to images obtained through remote sensing techniques. Technological advancements now allow image analysis for the nondestructive and objective evaluation of biological objects. This has opened a new window in the field of plant science. Plant Image

chapter 1|24 pages

An introduction to images and image analysis

ByMichael P. Pound, Andrew P. French

chapter 2|16 pages

Image analysis for plants: Basic procedures and techniques

ByYasuomi Ibaraki, S. Dutta Gupta

chapter 3|22 pages

Applications of RGB color imaging in plants

ByS. Dutta Gupta, Yasuomi Ibaraki, P. Trivedi

chapter 4|14 pages

RGB imaging for the determination of the nitrogen content in plants

ByGloria Flor Mata-Donjuan, Adán Mercado-Luna, Enrique Rico-García

chapter 5|38 pages

Sterile dynamic measurement of the in vitro nitrogen use efficiency of plantlets

ByYanyou Wuand Kaiyan Zhang

chapter 6|32 pages

Noninvasive measurement of in vitro growth of plantlets by image analysis

ByYanyou Wu, Kaiyan Zhang

chapter 7|18 pages

Digital imaging of seed germination

ByDidier Demilly, Sylvie Ducournau, Marie-Hélène Wagner

chapter 8|14 pages

Thermal imaging for evaluation of seedling growth

ByÉtienne Belin, David Rousseau, Landry Benoit, Didier Demilly, Sylvie Ducournau, François Chapeau-Blondeau, Carolyne Dürr

chapter 9|28 pages

Anatomofunctional bimodality imaging for plant phenotyping: An insight through depth imaging coupled to thermal imaging

ByYann Chéné, Étienne Belin, François Chapeau-Blondeau, Valérie Caffier, Tristan Boureau, David Rousseau

chapter 10|22 pages

Chlorophyll fluorescence imaging for plant health monitoring

ByKotaro Takayama

chapter 11|16 pages

PRI imaging and image-based estimation of light intensity distribution on plant canopy surfaces

ByYasuomi Ibaraki, S. Dutta Gupta

chapter 12|20 pages

ROS and NOS imaging using microscopical techniques

ByNieves Fernandez-Garcia, Enrique Olmos

chapter 13|14 pages

Fluorescent ROS probes in imaging leaves

ByÉva Hideg, Ferhan Ayaydin

chapter 14|20 pages

Analysis of root growth using image analysis

ByAndrew P. French, Michael P. Pound

chapter 15|30 pages

Advances in imaging methods on plant chromosomes

ByToshiyuki Wako, Seiji Kato, Nobuko Ohmido, Kiichi Fukui

chapter 16|66 pages

Machine vision in estimation of fruit crop yield

ByA. Payne, K. Walsh