Maritime-Port Technology and Development contains the latest research results and innovations as presented at the 2014 International Maritime and Port Technology and Development Conference (Trondheim, Norway, 27- 29 October 2014). The volume is divided into a wide range of topics: Efficient and environmentally friendly energy use in ships and port

chapter |10 pages

Congestion and truck service time minimization in a container terminal

ByD. Ambrosino & C. Caballini

chapter |8 pages

A dynamic discrete berth allocation problem for container terminals

Masoud Moharami Gargari Mohammad Saeid Fallah Niasar
ByM.M. Gargari & M.S.F. Niasar

chapter |8 pages

Ontology based management of maritime rules and compliance

ByM. Hagaseth, Ø.J. Rødseth, P. Lohrmann, D. Griffiths & M. Seizou

chapter |8 pages

Maritime Single Windows: Lessons learned from the eMAR Project

ByI. Koliousis, P. Koliousis & T. Katsoulakos

chapter |10 pages

Ship retrofit solutions: Economic, energy and environmental impacts

ByR. Aronietis, C. Sys & T. Vanelslander

chapter |6 pages

Model and simulation of operational energy efficiency for inland river ships

ByX. Sun, X.P. Yan & Q.Z. Yin

chapter |6 pages

Designing an autonomous collision avoidance controller respecting COLREG

ByH.-C. Burmeister & W. Bruhn

chapter |10 pages

A generic modelling approach for heavy lifting marine operations

ByJ. Xu & K.H. Halse

chapter |10 pages

Model Predictive Control of a waterborne AGV at the operational level

ByH. Zheng, R.R. Negenborn & G. Lodewijks

chapter |8 pages

Estimation of Dynamic Positioning performance by time-domain simulations—a step toward safer operations

Dong Trong Nguyen, Luca Pivano & Øyvind Smogeli
ByD.T. Nguyen, L. Pivano & Ø. Smogeli

chapter |8 pages

Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations of propeller wake effects on seabed

ByV.T. Nguyen, H.H. Nguyen, J. Lou & L. Yde

chapter |6 pages

Sea trials for validation of shiphandling simulation models—a case study

ByØ. Selvik, T.E. Berg & S. Gavrilin

chapter |6 pages

Anti-corrosion method for marine steel structure by the calcareous deposits

ByT. Iwamoto, Y. Suzuki, K. Ohta, K. Akamine & Y. Yamanouchi

chapter |10 pages

A risk based approach to the design of unmanned ship control systems

ByØ.J. Rødseth & Å. Tjora

chapter |8 pages

Offshore upstream logistics for operations in arctic environment

ByA.-S. Milaković, S. Ehlers, M.H. Westvik & P. Schütz

chapter |14 pages

An evaluation of evacuation systems for arctic waters

ByO.E. Staalesen & S. Ehlers

chapter |8 pages

An approach towards the design of robust arctic maritime transport systems

ByM. Bergström, S. Ehlers & S.O. Erikstad

chapter |8 pages

Defining operational criteria for offshore vessels

ByT.E. Berg, Ø. Selvik & B.O. Berge

chapter |4 pages

Real time ship exhaust gas monitoring for compliance to SOx and NOx regulation and CO2 footprint

T. Wijaya T. Tjahjowidodo
ByT. Wijaya, T. Tjahjowidodo & P. Thepsithar

chapter |12 pages

Modelling of LNG fuel systems for simulations of transient operations

ByE.L. Grotle, V. Æsøy & E. Pedersen

chapter |10 pages

Future Internet enabled ship-port coordination

ByA. Rialland & Å. Tjora

chapter |12 pages

Ship port pre-arrival reporting and ship survey status as eMar services

ByE. Vanem, D. Yarmolenka & G. Korody