Although lunar exploration began in the 1960s, the moon and other planets have many long-standing, unanswered questions about planetary environments, origin, formation and evolution, magnetization of crustal rocks, internal structure, and possible life. However, with the recent development of planetary geodesy and remote sensing with higher spatial

chapter 1|18 pages

- Lunar Geodesy and Sensing: Methods and Results from Recent Lunar Exploration Missions

ByShuanggen Jin, Sundaram Arivazhagan, Tengyu Zhang

chapter 2|32 pages

- Improvement of Chang’E-1 Orbit Accuracy by Differential and Space VLBI

ByWei Yan, Shuanggen Jin, Erhu Wei

chapter 3|26 pages

- Laser Altimetry and Its Applications in Planetary Science

ByHauke Hussmann

chapter 4|20 pages

- Photogrammetric Processing of Chang’E-1 and Chang’E-2 STEREO Imagery for Lunar Topographic Mapping

ByKaichang Di, Yiliang Liu, Bin Liu, Man Peng

chapter 7|18 pages

- Lunar Clinopyroxene Abundance Retrieved from M3 Data Based on Topographic Correction

ByPengju Guo, Shengbo Chen, Jingran Wang, Yi Lian, Ming Ma, Yanqiu Li

chapter 8|34 pages

- Martian Minerals and Rock Components from MRO CRISM Hyperspectral Images

ByYansong Xue, Shuanggen Jin

chapter 9|14 pages

- Anomalous Brightness Temperature in Lunar Poles Based on the SVD Method from Chang’E-2 MRM Data

ByYi Lian, Sheng-bo Chen, Zhi-guo Meng, Ying Zhang, Ying Zhao, and Peng-ju Guo

chapter 10|40 pages

- Mercury’s Magnetic Field in the MESSENGER Era

ByJohannes Wicht, Daniel Heyner

chapter 11|30 pages

- Lunar Gravity Field Determination from Chang’E-1 and Other Missions’ Data

ByJianguo Yan, Fei Li, Koji Matsumoto

chapter 12|18 pages

- Martian Crust Thickness and Structure from Gravity and Topography

ByTengyu Zhang, Shuanggen Jin, Robert Tenzer

chapter 13|64 pages

- Theory of the Physical Libration of the Moon with a Liquid Core

ByYuri Barkin, Hideo Hanada, José M. Ferrándiz, Koji Matsumoto, Shuanggen Jin, and Misha Barkin