Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery, Fifth Edition provides current information regarding surgical techniques from the perspective of clinicians who are performing specific procedures on a regular basis. It is intended to be concise, well illustrated, and reflective of the writer's experience, both good and bad. The emphasis with this volume

part I|714 pages

Soft Tissue

part Section A|129 pages

Surgical Principles

chapter Chapter 1|11 pages

Selection and use of currently available Suture Materials and Needles

Suture Materials and Needles

chapter Chapter 2|9 pages

Bandaging and Drainage Techniques

Bandaging Open Wounds

chapter Chapter 3|4 pages

Electrosurgery and Laser Surgery

Electrosurgical Techniques

chapter Chapter 4|4 pages

Oncologic Surgery

The Role of the Surgeon in Veterinary Oncology

chapter Chapter 6|9 pages

Supplemental Oxygen Delivery and Feeding Tube Techniques

Nasal, Nasopharyngeal, Nasotracheal, Nasoesophageal, Nasogastric, and Nasoenteric Tubes: Insertion and Use

chapter Chapter 7|19 pages

Minimally Invasive Surgery


chapter |5 pages


chapter Chapter 9|19 pages

Pain Management in the Surgical Patient

Pain Management in the Small Animal Patient

part Section B|59 pages

Nervous System and Organs of Special Sense

chapter Chapter 10|5 pages

Nervous System

Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors

chapter Chapter 11|4 pages

Muscle Biopsy

Skeletal Muscle Biopsy Techniques

chapter Chapter 12|14 pages


Surgery of the Eyelids

chapter Chapter 13|3 pages

Ear Pinna

Suture Technique for Repair of Aural Hematoma

chapter |3 pages

External Ear

Treatment of Otitis Externa

part Section C|181 pages

Digestive System

chapter Chapter 14|6 pages

Oral Cavity

Exodontic Therapy

chapter Chapter 15|2 pages


Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia

chapter Chapter 16|5 pages

Salivary Glands

chapter Chapter 17|4 pages


Management of Esophageal Foreign Bodies

chapter Chapter 18|5 pages

Exploratory Celiotomy

chapter Chapter 19|105 pages


Principles of Gastric and Pyloric Surgery

chapter |3 pages


chapter Chapter 20|5 pages

Intestines Enterotomy

chapter Chapter 21|14 pages

Liver, Biliary System, Pancreas

Hepatobiliary Surgery

chapter Chapter 22|6 pages


Traumatic Diaphragmatic Hernia

chapter Chapter 23|4 pages

Peritoneum and Abdominal Wall

Closure of Abdominal Incisions

part Section D|-28 pages

Respiratory System

chapter Chapter 24|5 pages

Nasal Cavity

Resection of the Nasal Planum

chapter Chapter 25|6 pages


Brachycephalic Syndrome

chapter Chapter 26|5 pages


Treatment of Tracheal Collapse: Ring Prosthesis Technique

chapter Chapter 27|6 pages

Lung and Thoracic Cavity

Thoracic Approaches

chapter Chapter 28|5 pages

Thoracic Wall

Thoracic Wall Neoplasia

part Section E|110 pages

Urogenital System

chapter Chapter 29|2 pages

Kidney and Ureter


chapter Chapter 30|2 pages

Urinary Bladder

Cystotomy and Partial Cystectomy

chapter Chapter 31|2 pages


Surgical Management of Urethral Calculi in the Dog

chapter Chapter 32|5 pages


Surgery of the Prostate

chapter Chapter 33|4 pages


Prepubertal Ovariohysterectomy

chapter Chapter 34|4 pages

Vagina and Vulva

Surgical Treatment of Vaginal and Vulvar Masses

chapter |3 pages


chapter Chapter 35|4 pages


Prepubertal Castration

chapter Chapter 36|7 pages

Penis and Prepuce

Surgical Procedures of the Penis

part Section I|44 pages

Cardiovascular and Lymphatic

chapter Chapter 42|2 pages

Heart and Great Vessels

Conventional Ligation of Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Dogs and Cats

chapter Chapter 44|4 pages


Surgery of the Spleen

part Section J|29 pages

Exotic Species

part II|420 pages

Bones and Joints

part Section K|53 pages

Axial Skeleton

chapter Chapter 46|10 pages

Skull and Mandible

Surgical Repair of Fractures Involving the Mandible and Maxilla

chapter Chapter 47|2 pages

Cervical Spine

Cervical Disc Fenestration

chapter Chapter 48|4 pages

Thoracolumbar and Sacral Spine

Intervertebral Disc Fenestration

part Section L|102 pages

Fracture Fixation Techniques and Bone Grafting

chapter Chapter 49|7 pages

Fixation with Pins and Wires

Application of Cerclage and Hemi-cerclage Wires

chapter Chapter 50|5 pages

Interlocking Nailing of Canine and Feline Fractures

Interlocking Nailing of Canine and Feline Fractures

chapter Chapter 51|2 pages

Fixation with Screws and Bone Plates

Screw Fixation: Cortical, Cancellous, Lag, and Gliding

chapter Chapter 52|4 pages

Plate-Rod Fixation

Application of Plate-Rod Constructs for Fixation of Complex Shaft Fractures

chapter Chapter 53|11 pages

External Skeletal Fixation

Basic Principles of External Skeletal Fixation

chapter Chapter 54|5 pages

Bone Grafts and Implants

Harvesting and Application of Cancellous Bone Autografts

part Section M|106 pages

Appendicular Skeleton - Thoracic Limb

chapter Chapter 55|5 pages

Scapula and Shoulder Joint

Repair of Scapular Fractures

chapter Chapter 56|14 pages

Humerus and Elbow Joint

Repair of Fractures of the Humerus

chapter Chapter 57|11 pages

Radius and Ulna

Repair of Fractures of the Radius and Ulna

chapter Chapter 58|4 pages

Carpus, Metacarpus, and Phalanges

Classification and Treatment of Injuries to the Accessory Carpal Bone

chapter Chapter 59|5 pages

Amputation of the Forelimb

part Section N|142 pages

Appendicular Skeleton - Pelvic Limb

chapter Chapter 60|4 pages

Sacroiliac Joint, Pelvis and Hip Joint

Repair of Sacroiliac Dislocation

chapter |6 pages

Hip Dysplasia

Algorithms for Treatment

chapter |5 pages

Treatment of Hip Dysplasia

Femoral Neck Lengthening

chapter Chapter 61|10 pages

Femur and Stifle Joint

Internal Fixation of Femoral Fractures

chapter Chapter 62|8 pages

Tibia and Tarsus

Repair of Tibial Fractures

part Section O|15 pages

Orthopedic Bandaging and Splinting Techniques