Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Lizards and Tuatara is a remarkable compendium of chapters written by the world's leading experts from over four continents. The book begins with a chapter recounting historical discoveries in reproductive biology and a review of phylogenetics and up-to-date hypotheses concerning evolutionary relationships amon

chapter 1|26 pages

Lizard Reproduction: A History of Discovery

ByLaurie J. Vitt

chapter 2|16 pages

The Phylogeny of Lizard Families

ByJohn J. Wiens, Shea M. Lambert

chapter 3|35 pages

Pheromones and Chemical Communication in Lizards

ByJosé Martín, Pilar López

chapter 4|31 pages

Sexual Selection and Sexual Dimorphism

ByRobert M. Cox, Ariel F. Kahrl

chapter 5|35 pages

Cues for Reproduction in Squamate Reptiles

ByJames U. Van Dyke

chapter 7|17 pages

Discovery of Parthenogenesis in Lizards

ByWilliam Neaves

chapter 8|40 pages

Oogenesis and the Ovarian Cycle

ByMartha Patricia Ramírez-Pinilla, Gloria R. de Pérez and

chapter 10|38 pages

Male Reproductive Cycles in Lizards

ByFausto R. Méndez de la Cruz, Norma L. Manríquez Morán,

chapter 13|116 pages

Viviparity and Placentation in Lizards

ByJames R. Stewart, Daniel G. Blackburn