Climate change and increased climate variability in terms of rising temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, and increasing extreme weather events, such as severe drought and devastating floods, pose a threat to the production of agricultural and horticultural crops-a threat this is expected to worsen. Climate change is already affecting-and is li

chapter 1|22 pages

Hi-tech Horticulture And Climate Change

ByP. K. Ray

chapter 2|10 pages

Climate Change And Fruit Production

ByW. S. Dhillon, P. P. S. Gill

chapter 11|18 pages

Climate Change Impact On black Pepper And Cardamom

ByK. S. Krishnamurthy, K. Kandiannan, B. Chempakam, S. J. Ankegowda

chapter 12|12 pages

Climate Change: Threat To Floriculture

ByAnil K. Singh, Anjana Sisodia

chapter 16|26 pages

Eco-friendly Postharvest Treatments For Fruits

ByRam Asrey, Kalyan Barman

chapter 17|14 pages

Effect of Climate Change on Post Harvest Quality of Fruits

ByMohammed Wasim Siddiqui, V. B. Patel, M. S. Ahmad

chapter 18|22 pages

Impact Of Climate Change On Food Safety

ByH. R. Naik, S. Sheraz Mahdi