Climate change and increased climate variability in terms of rising temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, and increasing extreme weather events, such as severe drought and devastating floods, pose a threat to the production of agricultural and horticultural crops-a threat this is expected to worsen. Climate change is already affecting-and is li

chapter 1|26 pages

Global Climate Change and Indian Horticulture

ByK. L. Chadha

chapter 2|8 pages

Climate Change Prediction: Uncertainties and Accuracies

ByK. K. Singh

chapter 3|12 pages

Climate Change and Rainfed Horticulture

ByN. N. Reddy, B. Venkateswarlu

chapter 5|18 pages

Climate Resilient Horticulture for North Eastern India

ByA. K. Jha, V. K. Verma, N. A. Deshmukh, R. K. Patel, S. V. Ngachan

chapter 7|14 pages

Climate Change Resilient Island Horticulture

ByD. R. Singh, Shrawan Singh, S. Dam Roy

chapter 8|16 pages

Global Climate Change: Myth, Reality and Mitigation

ByB. B. Mishra, Richa Roy

chapter 9|20 pages

Nanotechnology, Plant Nutrition and Climate Change

ByS. Kundu, Tapan Adhikari, A. Subba Rao

chapter 10|18 pages

Phytopathosystem Modification in Response to Climate Change

ByLajja Vati, A. Ghatak

chapter 11|34 pages

Soil Fertility Dynamics vis-à-vis Climate Change in Citrus

ByA. K. Srivastava

chapter 13|10 pages

BiocharTechnology for Sustainable Horticulture

ByAnshuman Kohli, Yanendra Kumar Singh, Manoj Kumar Dwivedi

chapter 15|8 pages

Impact of Climate Change on Plant Pathogens

ByRitesh Kumar, Sudarshan Maurya, Jaipal Singh Choudhary, Shivendra Kumar

chapter 16|10 pages

Quality of Fruits in the Changing Climate

ByMd. Abu Nayyer, Mohammed Wasim Siddiqui, and Kalyan Barman

chapter 18|10 pages

Awareness about Climate Change: Perception and Action

ByAditya and B. Kumar

chapter 19|18 pages

Climate Change and Indian Agriculture

ByMd. Hedayetullah, Parveen Zaman, Shailendra Kumar Yadav, Md. Abu Nayyer, and