Optical Fiber Sensors: Advanced Techniques and Applications describes the physical principles of, and latest developments in, optical fiber sensors. Providing a fundamental understanding of the design, operation, and practical applications of fiber optic sensing systems, this book:

  • Discusses new and emerging areas of research including photonic crystal fiber sensors, micro- and nanofiber sensing, liquid crystal photonics, acousto-optic effects in fiber, and fiber laser-based sensing
  • Covers well-established areas such as surface plasmon resonance sensors, interferometric fiber sensors, polymer fiber sensors, Bragg gratings in polymer and silica fibers, and distributed fiber sensors
  • Explores humidity sensing applications, smart structure applications, and medical applications, supplying detailed examples of the various fiber optic sensing technologies in use

Optical Fiber Sensors: Advanced Techniques and Applications draws upon the extensive academic and industrial experience of its contributing authors to deliver a comprehensive introduction to optical fiber sensors with a strong practical focus suitable for undergraduate and graduate students as well as scientists and engineers working in the field.

chapter 1|12 pages

Introduction to Optical Fiber Sensors

ByGinu Rajan

chapter 2|23 pages

Optical Fiber Sensing Solutions

From Macro- to Micro-/Nanoscale
ByYuliya Semenova, Gerald Farrell

chapter 3|42 pages

Interferometric Fiber-Optic Sensors

BySara Tofighi, Abolfazl Bahrampour, Nafiseh Pishbin, Ali Reza Bahrampour

chapter 4|22 pages

Polymer Optical Fiber Sensors

ByKara Peters

chapter 5|24 pages

Surface Plasmon Resonance Fiber-Optic Sensors

ByKent B. Pfeifer, Steven M. Thornberg

chapter 6|25 pages

Photonic-Crystal Fibers for Sensing Applications

ByAna M.R. Pinto

chapter 7|29 pages

Liquid Crystal Optical Fibers for Sensing Applications

BySunish Mathews, Yuliya Semenova

chapter 8|25 pages

Optical Microfiber Physical Sensors

ByGeorge Y. Chen, Gilberto Brambilla

chapter 9|50 pages

Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors and Interrogation Systems

ByDipankar Sengupta

chapter 10|19 pages

Polymer Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors and Their Applications

ByDavid J. Webb

chapter 11|32 pages

Acousto-Optic Effect and Its Application in Optical Fibers

ByAlexandre de Almeida Prado Pohl

chapter 12|50 pages

Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensors and Their Applications

ByBalaji Srinivasan, Deepa Venkitesh

chapter 13|38 pages

Fiber Laser–Based Sensing Technologies

ByAsrul Izam Azmi, Muhammad Yusof Mohd Noor, Haifeng Qi, Kun Liu, Gang-Ding Peng

chapter 14|15 pages

Active Core Optical Fiber Chemical Sensors and Applications

ByShiquan Tao

chapter 15|41 pages

Optical Fiber Humidity Sensors

ByMuhammad Yusof Mohd Noor, Gang-Ding Peng, Ginu Rajan

chapter 16|36 pages

Medical Applications of Fiber-Optic Sensors

ByVandana Mishra

chapter 17|30 pages

Optical Fiber Sensors for Smart Composite Materials and Structures

ByManjusha Ramakrishnan, Yuliya Semenova, Gerald Farrell, Ginu Rajan

chapter 18|24 pages

Future Perspectives for Fiber-Optic Sensing

ByBrian Culshaw