The ultimate goal of crop production is to provide quality produce to consumers at reasonable rates. Most fresh produce is highly perishable, and postharvest losses are significant under the present methods of management in many countries. However, significant achievements have been made during the last few years to curtail postharvest losses in fr

chapter 7|50 pages

Advances in Postharvest Diseases Management in Fruits

ByEva Arrebola

chapter 8|26 pages

Integrated Postharvest Pest Management in Fruits and Vegetables

ByTamoghna Saha, C. Nithya, S. N. Ray

chapter 9|28 pages

Flower Senescence

ByDonal Bhattacharjee, Pran Krishna Thakur, Jeebit Singh, R. S. Dhua

chapter 10|54 pages

Post-Harvest Management of Fresh Cut Flowers

ByVigya Mishra, Shailendra K. Dwivedi

chapter 11|40 pages

Post-Harvest Management of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

ByS. Das, S. Sultana, A. B. Sharangi

chapter 12|50 pages

Post-Harvest Management of Spice Crops

ByS. Sultana, S. Das, A. B. Sharangi

chapter 14|39 pages

Advances in Postharvest Disease Control in Vegetables

ByMd. Arshad Anwer