HPLC is the principal separation technique for identification of the pesticides in environmental samples and for quantitative analysis of analytes. At each stage of the HPLC procedure, the chromatographer should possess both the practical and theoretical skills required to perform HPLC experiments correctly and to obtain reliable, repeatable, and r

section Section I|242 pages

Practical Guide to HPLC Methods of Pesticide Residue Analysis

chapter 2|65 pages

Pesticide Classification and Properties

ByTomasz Tuzimski

chapter 3|22 pages

Method Development of Chromatography

Retention–Eluent Composition Relationships and Application to Analysis of Pesticides
ByTomasz Tuzimski, Edward Soczewiński

chapter 5|23 pages

Choice of the Mode of Sample Preparation in the Analysis of Pesticides on the Basis of the Properties of the Matrix

ByRobert E. Smith, Kevin Tran, Chris Sack, Kristy M. Richards

chapter 6|28 pages

Selection of the Mode of Stationary Phases and Columns for Analysis of Pesticides

ByBogusław Buszewski, Szymon Bocian

chapter 7|24 pages

Selection of the Type of Mobile Phases for Analysis of Nonionic Analytes

Reversed- and Normal-Phase HPLC
ByTomasz Tuzimski

chapter 8|23 pages

Selection of the Mobile Phases for Analysis of Ionic Analytes

Reversed-Phase, Ion-Pair, Ion-Exchange, Ion-Exclusion HPLC
ByMonika Waksmundzka-Hajnos, Anna Petruczynik

chapter 9|28 pages

Optimization of Normal-Phase and Reversed-Phase Systems for Analysis of Pesticides

Choice of the Mode of Elution—Isocratic and Gradient Elution
ByPavel Jandera

section Section II|44 pages

Kinetic Study of Pesticides

chapter 10|16 pages

Kinetics Study of Pesticides in the Environment

Application of HPLC to Kinetic Effects of Pesticide Analysis
ByŁukasz Cieśla

chapter 11|26 pages

Phototransformation of Pesticides in the Environment

ByDavid Vione, Marco Minella, Claudio Minero

section Section III|243 pages

Applications of HPLC and UPLC to Separation and Analysis of Pesticides from Various Classes

chapter 13|21 pages

Quantitative Analysis and Method Validation

ByRenato Zanella, Osmar Damian Prestes, Manoel Leonardo Martins, Martha Bohrer Adaime

chapter 16|17 pages

Multidimensional Liquid Chromatography Applied to the Analysis of Pesticides

ByAhmed Mostafa, Heba Shaaban, Tadeusz Górecki

chapter 17|37 pages

Chiral Separation of Some Classes of Pesticides by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Method

ByImran Ali, Iqbal Hussain, Mohd Marsin Sanagi, Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein

chapter 18|20 pages

Application in Pesticide Analysis

Liquid Chromatography—A Review of the State of Science for Biomarker Discovery and Identification
ByPeipei Pan, Jeanette M. Van Emon

chapter 19|21 pages

Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography Applied to Analysis of Pesticides

ByMaría de los Ángeles Herrera Abdo, José Luis Martínez Vidal, Antonia Garrido Frenich