Although many archaeologists have a good understanding of the basics in computer science, statistics, geostatistics, modeling, and data mining, more literature is needed about the advanced analysis in these areas. This book aids archaeologists in learning more advanced tools and methods while also helping mathematicians, statisticians, and computer

part |2 pages


chapter 1|62 pages

Measuring, Counting and Explaining: An Introduction to Mathematics in Archaeology

with contributions from
ByJuan A. Barceló* Katia F. Achino, Igor Bogdanovic,

chapter 3|14 pages

The Formal Logical Foundations of Archaeological Ontologies

ByFranco Niccolucci,* Sorin Hermon and Martin Doerr

chapter 5|12 pages

Social Network Analysis for Sharing and Understanding Archaeology

ByLuciana Bordoni

part |2 pages

The Mathematics of Ancient Artifacts

chapter 6|20 pages

Shape Analysis and Geometric Modelling

ByMartin Kampel, Sebastian Zambanini

chapter 8|12 pages

Logratio Analysis in Archeometry: Principles and Methods

ByJosep A. Martín-Fernández,* Jaume Buxeda i Garrigós and Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn

chapter 9|24 pages

An Introduction to Clustering with Applications to Archaeometry

ByHans-Joachim Mucha,* Hans-Georg Bartel, Jens Dolata and Carlos Morales-Merino

chapter 10|11 pages

Archaeological Discriminant Applications of the Lubischew Test

ByJosé Antonio Esquivel, Alexia Serrano, Juan Manuel Jiménez-Arenas

chapter 11|15 pages

Phylogenetic Systematics

ByMichael J. O’Brien,* Matthew T. Boulanger, R. Lee Lyman and Briggs Buchanan

part |2 pages

The Mathematics of Archaeological Time and Space

chapter 13|15 pages

Time, Chronology and Classifi cation

ByFranco Niccolucci, Sorin Hermon

chapter 16|21 pages

Time and Probabilistic Reasoning in Settlement Analysis

ByEnrico R. Crema

chapter 20|20 pages

Lattice Theory to Discover Spatially Coh esive Sets of Artifacts

ByMichael Merrill

part |2 pages

Beyond Mathematics: Modeling Social Action in the Past

part |2 pages


chapter 26|4 pages

Concluding Address: Ruminations on Mathematics in Archaeology

ByKeith W. Kintigh

chapter 27|10 pages

“Mathematics and Archaeology” Rediscovered

ByMichael Greenacre

chapter |9 pages

Color Plate Section