Global Manufacturing Technology Transfer: Africa-USA Strategies, Adaptations, and Management presents practical strategies for developing and sustaining manufacturing technology transfers. It is particularly useful for helping developing nations achieve and sustain a solid footing of economic development through manufacturing. The book examines Afr

chapter 1|14 pages

Systems view of the manufacturing world

chapter 2|28 pages

Industrialization through manufacturing

chapter 3|14 pages

Africa’s emerging markets

chapter 5|12 pages

Manufacturing or service industry

chapter 6|32 pages

Manufacturing processes and systems

chapter 7|16 pages

Manufacturing technology processes

chapter 9|28 pages

Technology performance economics

ByJesse Brogan

chapter 10|24 pages

Manufacturing competitiveness in Africa

ByPius J. Egbelu

chapter 11|10 pages

Industry–university collaboration

chapter 12|40 pages

Project management for technology transfer

chapter 13|34 pages

Nigeria’s industrialization: Case example

chapter 14|16 pages

Technology system for sustainable development

ByUmar B. Bindir

chapter 15|10 pages

Technology adoption

chapter 16|14 pages

Technology transfer risk management