This title includes a number of Open Access chapters. The twenty-first century world faces several enormous challenges: how to mitigate climate change, meet a growing energy demand without relying on fossil fuels, and manage the escalating quantities of solid waste generated by cities around the world. This compendium volume offers a viable solutio

part |2 pages

Part 1 Foundations

part |2 pages

Part 2 Anaerobic Digestion

part |2 pages

Part 3 Composting

part |2 pages

Part 4 Pyrolysis And Chemical Upgrading

chapter 7|42 pages

Furfurals As Chemical Platform For Biofuels Production

ByDaniel E. Resasco, Surapas Sitthisa, Jimmy Faria, Teerawit Prasomsri

part |2 pages

Part 6 Gasification

chapter 11|28 pages

An Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of Fluidized Bed Gasification Of Solid Waste

BySharmina Begum, Mohammad G. Rasul, Delwar Akbar, David Cork