This book focuses on latest information on the biology and ecology of the three bluefin tuna species: the Pacific (Thunnus orientalis), Atlantic (T. thynnus), and southern bluefin tuna (T. maccoyii). In the book, the phylogeny and basic ecological information such as early life history, age and growth, and food habits are covered. Information relat

part I|15 pages

Phylogeny of Bluefin Tuna

chapter Chapter 1|13 pages

Phylogeny of Bluefin Tuna Species

ByNobuaki Suzuki, Seinen Chow

part II|81 pages

Basic Ecology of Bluefin Tuna

chapter Chapter 2|28 pages

Early Life History

ByYosuke Tanaka, Nobuaki Suzuki

chapter Chapter 3|31 pages

Age, Growth and Reproductive Biology of Bluefin Tunas

ByTamaki Shimose, Jessica H. Farley

chapter Chapter 4|20 pages

Feeding Ecology of Bluefin Tunas

ByTamaki Shimose, R.J. David Wells

part III|159 pages

Distribution and Migration

chapter Chapter 5|22 pages

Horizontal Movements of Pacific Bluefin Tuna

ByKo Fujioka, Masachika Masujima, Andre M. Boustany, Takashi Kitagawa

chapter Chapter 6|14 pages

Formation of a Pacific Bluefin Tuna Fishing Ground on Their Spawning Grounds around the Ryukyu Islands

Implication of a Relationship with Mesoscale Eddies
ByItaru Ohta, Harumi Yamada

chapter Chapter 7|52 pages

Movements and Habitat Use of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

BySteven L.H. Teo, Andre M. Boustany

chapter Chapter 8|22 pages

Distribution and Migration—Southern Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus maccoyii)

ByAlistair J. Hobday, Karen Evans, J. Paige Eveson, Jessica H. Farley, Jason R. Hartog, Marinelle Basson, Toby A. Patterson

chapter Chapter 9|14 pages

Understanding Bluefin Migration Using Intrinsic Tracers in Tissues

ByDaniel J. Madigan

chapter Chapter 10|33 pages

Otolith Geochemical Analysis for Stock Discrimination and Migratory Ecology of Tunas

ByYosuke Amano, Jen-Chieh Shiao, Toyoho Ishimura, Kazuki Yokouchi, Kotaro Shirai

part IV|96 pages

Behavioral or Physiological Aspects

chapter Chapter 11|13 pages

Metabolic Limits and Energetics

ByTimothy D. Clark

chapter Chapter 12|18 pages

Swimming Performance of Pacific Bluefin Tuna

ByTsutomu Takagi

chapter Chapter 13|17 pages

Schooling Behavior of Pacific Bluefin Tuna

ByHiromu Fukuda, Shinsuke Torisawa, Tsutomu Takagi

chapter Chapter 14|16 pages

Visual Physiology

ByShinsuke Torisawa, Hiromu Fukuda, Tsutomu Takagi

chapter Chapter 15|30 pages

Physiology of Bluefin Tuna Reproduction

New Insights into Reproduction in Wild and Captive Bluefin Tuna Species
ByKoichiro Gen

part V|63 pages

New Insights: Mathematical model about Bluefin Tuna Ecology and Measuring Method for Swimming Behaviour of Bluefin Tuna

chapter Chapter 16|12 pages

Introduction to Modeling

Vertical Movement of Bluefin Tuna as a Stochastic Process
ByMinoru Kadota, Eric White

chapter Chapter 18|18 pages

A Method for Measuring the Swimming Behaviour of Pacific Bluefin Tuna

ByKazuyoshi Komeyama, Tsutomu Takagi