This new volume focuses on the limitations, properties, and models in the chemistry and physics of engineering materials that have potential for applications in several disciplines of engineering and science. Contributions range from new methods to novel applications of existing methods.The collection of topics in this volume reflects the diversity

chapter 1|106 pages

Update on Aerogels Material and Technology

ByMandana Dilamian, A. K. Haghi

chapter 2|84 pages

Quantum-Chemical Calculation of Pentacontacene and Hectacontacene by MNDO in Approximation of the Linear Molecular Model of Graphene

ByV. A. Babkin, A. V. Ignatov, V. V. Trifonov, V. Yu. Dmitriev, E. S. Titova, A. I. Rakhimov, N. A. Rakhimova, and G. E. Zaikov

chapter 3|38 pages

Understanding an Atomistic Description of Diffusion Dynamics in Nanomaterials

ByArezo Afzali, Shima Maghsoodlou

chapter 4|32 pages

A New Concept of Photosynthesis

ByGennady G. Komissarov

chapter 5|16 pages

Entropic Nomogram

ByG. А. Korablev, N. G. Petrova, V. I. Kodolov, R. G. Korablev, G. E. Zaikov, A. K. Osipov

chapter 6|22 pages

The Structural Analysis of Particulate-Filled Polymer Nanocomposites Mechanical Properties

ByG. E. Zaikov, G. V. Kozlov, A. K. Mikitaev

chapter 7|16 pages

The Reinforcement of Particulate-Filled Polymer Nanocomposites by Nanoparticles Aggregates

ByG. E. Zaikov, G. V. Kozlov, A. K. Mikitaev

chapter 8|22 pages

The Fractal Model of Polymer Pairs Adhesion

ByG. E. Zaikov, Kh. Sh. Yakh’yaeva, G. M. Magomedov, G. V. Kozlov, B. A. Howell, and R. Ya. Deberdeev

chapter 9|26 pages

A Review on Hyaluronan Biopolymer: Properties and Pharmaceutical Applications

ByAhmed Mohamed Omer, T. M.Tamer, and M. S. Mohyeldin

chapter 10|10 pages

Oil Neutralization in the Turbulent Apparatus Confuser-Diffuser Design of Crude Oil Manufacture

ByF. B. Shevlyakov, T. G. Umergalin, V. P. Zakharov, O. A. Baulin, D. A. Chuvashov, N. I. Vatin, G. E. Zaikov

chapter 11|12 pages

Structure-Property Correlation and Forecast of Corrosion of the Alkenylarilamines Activity with the Help of Density Functional Theory

ByR. N. Khusnitdinov, S. L. Khursan, K. R. Khusnitdinov, A. G. Moustafi n, and I. B. Abdrakhmanov