Addresses the Challenges of Modern-Day Air TrafficAir traffic control (ATC) directs aircraft in the sky and on the ground to safety, while the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) comprises all systems and phases that assist in aircraft departure and landing. The Aeronautical Telecommunications Network: Advances, Challenges, and Mod

chapter 1|12 pages

Overview of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network

BySarhan M. Musa, Zhijun Wu

chapter 2|30 pages

Optimization and Enhancement of MIPv6 in ATN

ByDouzhe Li, Zhao Li

chapter 3|22 pages

Modern Air Traffic Control Systems

ByYun-Fei Jia

chapter 4|28 pages

Security of VHF Data Link in ATM

ByMeng Yue

chapter 5|44 pages

VDL2 Key Technology and Simulation

ByGao Lin

chapter 7|32 pages

Electromagnetic Interference to Aeronautical Telecommunications

ByZhigang Liu

chapter 8|28 pages

Analysis and Modeling of the QoS Mechanism in ATN

ByDouzhe Li, Zhao Li

chapter 9|18 pages

Time Division Multiplexing in Satellite Aeronautical Communications System

BySarhan M. Musa, Zhijun Wu