Multisensor Data Fusion: From Algorithms and Architectural Design to Applications covers the contemporary theory and practice of multisensor data fusion, from fundamental concepts to cutting-edge techniques drawn from a broad array of disciplines. Featuring contributions from the world’s leading data fusion researchers and academicians, this authoritative book:

  • Presents state-of-the-art advances in the design of multisensor data fusion algorithms, addressing issues related to the nature, location, and computational ability of the sensors
  • Describes new materials and achievements in optimal fusion and multisensor filters
  • Discusses the advantages and challenges associated with multisensor data fusion, from extended spatial and temporal coverage to imperfection and diversity in sensor technologies
  • Explores the topology, communication structure, computational resources, fusion level, goals, and optimization of multisensor data fusion system architectures
  • Showcases applications of multisensor data fusion in fields such as medicine, transportation's traffic, defense, and navigation

Multisensor Data Fusion: From Algorithms and Architectural Design to Applications is a robust collection of modern multisensor data fusion methodologies. The book instills a deeper understanding of the basics of multisensor data fusion as well as a practical knowledge of the problems that can be faced during its execution.

section 1|421 pages

Novel Advances in Multisensor Data Fusion Algorithm Design

chapter 2|19 pages

Multisensor Data Fusion

A Data-Centric Review of the State of the Art and Overview of Emerging Trends

chapter 3|19 pages

Information Fusion

Theory at Work

chapter 4|19 pages

Information Fusion

JDL Model (III) Updates for an Information Management Enterprise

chapter 9|10 pages

Fusion Systems Evaluation

An Information Quality Perspective

chapter 12|14 pages

Cubature Information Filters

Theory and Applications to Multisensor Fusion

section 2|199 pages

Multisensor Data Fusion Showcases Advancements

chapter 26|37 pages

Evaluating Image Fusion Performance

From Metrics to Cognitive Assessment