This unique handbook compiles and details cutting-edge research in nanomagnetism and its applications in spintronics, magnetoplasmonics, and nonlinear magneto-optics. Fundamental aspects of magnetism relevant to nanodevices and new spin-transfer torque random-access memory (STT-RAM), current-induced domain wall motion memory, and spin torque oscill

chapter 1|12 pages


ByRosa Alejandra Lukaszew

chapter 2|28 pages

Spintronics and Spintronic Applications

ByJiwei Lu, Stuart A. Wolf

chapter 3|30 pages

L10 Alloy Thin Films and Nanostructures

ByJonathan R. Skuza

chapter 4|26 pages

Relaxation in Magnetic Materials for Spintronics

ByClaudia K. A. Mewes, Tim Mewes

chapter 5|20 pages

Nonlinear Dynamic Properties of Two-Dimensional Arrays of Magnetic Nanodots Yuri Kobljanskyj, Denys Slobodianiuk, Gennady Melkov,

ByKonstantin Guslienko, Valentyn Novosad, Samuel Bader, Michael Kostylev, Andrei Slavin

chapter 6|32 pages

Dynamics of Magnetic Nanoparticles and Nanodevices

ByStephen E. Russek, Robert J. Usselman, Eric R. Evarts

chapter 7|26 pages

Nonlinear Optics in Magnetic Nanostructures

ByTatiana Murzina, Oleg Aktsipetrov

chapter 8|28 pages

Magnetoplasmonic Nanostructures

ByCe´sar Clavero and Rosa Alejandra Lukaszew

chapter 9|44 pages

Understanding Magnetic Exchange in Molecule-Based Magnets from an Electronic Structure Point of View

ByAndrew P. Weber, Paul M. Rulis, Michelle M. Paquette, Konstantin I. Pohkhodyna, Saad Z. Janjua, Anthony N. Caruso

chapter 10|38 pages

Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

ByKangkang Wang, Saw-Wai Hla