For the Movers, Shakers, and Policy Makers in Energy Engineering and Related IndustriesThe latest version of a bestselling reference, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Handbook, Second Edition covers the foremost trends and technologies in energy engineering today. This new edition contains the latest material on energy planning and policy, wi

part |2 pages

Section I Global Energy Systems, Policy, and Economics

chapter 1|30 pages

Global Energy Systems

ByD. Yogi Goswami, Frank Kreith

chapter 2|12 pages

Sound Finance Policies for Energy Efciency and Renewable Energy

ByMichael Curley

chapter 3|10 pages

State and Federal Policies for Renewable Energy

ByChristopher Namovicz

chapter 5|22 pages

Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Policies in China

ByMing Yi and Yue (Ada) Wu

chapter 6|16 pages

Renewable Energy and Energy Efciency in India

ByDeepak Gupta and P.C. Maithani

chapter 8|4 pages

Energy in Israel: A Case for Renewables

ByGershon Grossman

chapter 9|14 pages

Renewable Energy in Australia

ByMonica Oliphant

chapter 10|12 pages

Japan’s Post-Fukushima Energy Policy

ByKeibun Mori

chapter 11|42 pages

Policies for Distributed Energy Generation

ByDavid M. Sweet

chapter 12|32 pages

Economics Methods*

ByWalter Short, Rosalie Ruegg

chapter 13|30 pages

Environmental Impacts and Costs of Energy

ByAri Rabl, Joseph V. Spadaro

part |2 pages

Section II: Energy Generation Through 2025

chapter 14|38 pages

Distributed Generation Technologies Through 2025

ByAníbal T. de Almeida and Pedro Soares Moura

chapter 15|22 pages

Demand-Side Management

ByClark W. Gellings, Kelly E. Parmenter

chapter 16|28 pages

Fossil Fuels

ByAnthony F. Armor, Rameshwar D. Srivastava, Howard G. McIlvried, Thomas D. Marshall, Sean I. Plasynski

chapter 17|36 pages

Nuclear Power Technologies Through Year 2035

ByKenneth D. Kok, Edwin Harvego

chapter 18|32 pages

Outlook for U.S. Energy Consumption and Prices, 2011–2040

ByAndy S. Kydes, Mark J. Eshbaugh, John J. Conti

part |2 pages

Section III Energy Infrastructure and Storage

chapter 19|22 pages


ByTerry Penney, Frank Kreith

chapter 20|52 pages

Infrastructure Risk Analysis and Security

ByBilal M. Ayyub

chapter 21|42 pages

Electricity Infrastructure Resilience and Security

ByMassoud Amin

chapter 22|40 pages

Electrical Energy Management in Buildings

ByCraig B. Smith, Kelly E. Parmenter

chapter 23|56 pages

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Control Systems

ByBryan P. Rasmussen, Jan F. Kreider, David E. Claridge, Charles H. Culp

chapter 24|8 pages

Stirling Engines

ByFrank Kreith

chapter 25|30 pages

Energy-Efcient Lighting Technologies and Their Applications in the Residential and Commercial Sectors

ByKarina Garbesi, Brian F. Gerke, Andrea L. Alstone, Barbara Atkinson, Alex J. Valenti, and Vagelis Vossos

chapter 26|20 pages

Energy-Efcient Technologies: Major Appliances and Space Conditioning Equipment

ByEric Kleinert, James E. McMahon, Greg Rosenquist, James Lutz, Alex Lekov, Peter Biermayer, and Stephen Meyers

chapter 27|16 pages

Heat Pumps

ByHerbert W. Stanford, III

chapter 28|28 pages

Electric Motor Systems Efciency

ByAníbal T. de Almeida, Steve F. Greenberg, and Prakash Rao

chapter 29|86 pages

Industrial Energy Efciency and Energy Management

ByCraig B. Smith, Barney L. Capehart, and Wesley M. Rohrer, Jr.

chapter 30|60 pages

Process Energy Efciency: Pinch Technology

ByKirtan K. Trivedi, Ed Fouche, Kelly E. Parmenter

chapter 31|22 pages

Analysis Methods for Building Energy Auditing

ByMoncef Krarti

chapter 32|48 pages


ByW. Dan Turner

chapter 33|28 pages

Energy Storage Technologies

ByJeffrey P. Chamberlain, Roel Hammerschlag, Christopher P. Schaber

chapter 34|16 pages

Advanced Concepts in Transmission and Distribution

ByRobert Pratt, Christopher P. Schaber, Steve Widergren

chapter 35|8 pages

Smart Grid Technology

ByZhixin Miao

part |2 pages

Section IV Renewable Technologies

chapter 36|52 pages

Solar Energy Resources

ByD. Yogi Goswami

chapter 37|40 pages

Wind Energy Resource

ByDale E. Berg

chapter 38|8 pages

Municipal Solid Waste

ByShelly H. Schneider

chapter 39|12 pages

Biomass Properties and Resources

ByMark M. Wright, Robert C. Brown

chapter 40|58 pages

Active Solar Heating Systems

ByT. Agami Reddy

chapter 41|74 pages

Passive Solar Heating, Cooling, and Daylighting

ByJeffrey H. Morehouse

chapter 42|110 pages

Concentrating Solar Thermal Power

ByManuel Romero, Jose Gonzalez-Aguilar, Eduardo Zarza

chapter 43|46 pages

Wind Energy Conversion

ByDale E. Berg

chapter 44|30 pages


ByRoger Messenger, D. Yogi Goswami

chapter 45|52 pages

Thin-Film PV Technology

ByHari M. Upadhyaya, Senthilarasu Sundaram, Aruna Ivaturi, Stephan Buecheler, and Ayodhya N. Tiwari

chapter 46|6 pages

Concentrating PV Technologies

ByD. Yogi Goswami

chapter 47|48 pages

Waste-to-Energy Combustion

ByCharles O. Velzy, Leonard M. Grillo

chapter 48|50 pages

Energy Recovery by Anaerobic Digestion Process

ByMasoud Kayhanian, George Tchobanoglous

part |2 pages

Section V Biomass Energy Systems

chapter 49|16 pages

Biomass Conversion to Heat and Power

ByMark M. Wright, Robert C. Brown

chapter 50|18 pages

Biomass Conversion to Fuels

ByMark M. Wright, Robert C. Brown

chapter 51|54 pages

Geothermal Power Generation

ByKevin Kitz

chapter 52|34 pages

Hydrogen Energy Technologies

BySesha S. Srinivasan, S.A. Sherif, Frano Barbir, T. Nejat Veziroglu, Madhukar Mahishi, and Robert Pratt

chapter 53|51 pages

Fuel Cells

ByXianguo Li