For the Movers, Shakers, and Policy Makers in Energy Engineering and Related IndustriesThe latest version of a bestselling reference, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Handbook, Second Edition covers the foremost trends and technologies in energy engineering today. This new edition contains the latest material on energy planning and policy, wi

part |2 pages

Section I Global Energy Systems, Policy, and Economics

chapter 1|30 pages

Global Energy Systems

chapter 9|14 pages

Renewable Energy in Australia

chapter 12|32 pages

Economics Methods*

part |2 pages

Section III Energy Infrastructure and Storage

chapter 19|22 pages


chapter 24|8 pages

Stirling Engines

chapter 27|16 pages

Heat Pumps

chapter 32|48 pages


chapter 35|8 pages

Smart Grid Technology

part |2 pages

Section IV Renewable Technologies

chapter 36|52 pages

Solar Energy Resources

chapter 37|40 pages

Wind Energy Resource

chapter 38|8 pages

Municipal Solid Waste

chapter 40|58 pages

Active Solar Heating Systems

chapter 43|46 pages

Wind Energy Conversion

chapter 44|30 pages


chapter 46|6 pages

Concentrating PV Technologies

part |2 pages

Section V Biomass Energy Systems