This book is the most comprehensive documentation of the scientific and methodological advances that have taken place in understanding remote sensing data, methods, and applications over last 50 years. In a very practical way it demonstrates the experience, utility, methods and models used in studying a wide array of water applications. There are more than 100 leading global experts in the field contributing to this work.

part I|55 pages

Hydrology and Water Resources

chapter 1|19 pages

Remote Sensing Technologies for Multiscale Hydrological Studies: Advances and Perspectives

BySadiq I. Khan, Ni-Bin Chang, Yang Hong, Xianwu Xue, Yu Zhang

chapter 2|33 pages

Groundwater Targeting Using Remote Sensing

BySanthosh Kumar Seelan

part II|69 pages

Water Use and Water Productivity

chapter 3|41 pages

Remote Sensing of Actual Evapotranspiration from Croplands

ByTrent W. Biggs, George P. Petropoulos, Naga Manohar Velpuri, Michael Marshall, Edward P. Glenn, Pamela Nagler, Alex Messina

chapter 4|25 pages

Water Productivity Studies from Earth Observation Data: Characterization, Modeling, and Mapping Water Use and Water Productivity

ByAntônio de C. Teixeira, Fernando B.T. Hernandez, Morris Scherer-Warren, Ricardo G. Andrade, Janice F. Leivas, Daniel C. Victoria, Bolfe Edson L., Prasad S. Thenkabail, Renato A.M. Franco

part III|47 pages

Water Use and Water Productivity

chapter 5|16 pages

Flood Monitoring Using the Integration of Remote Sensing and Complementary Techniques

ByAllan S. Arnesen, Frederico T. Genofre, Marcelo P. Curtarelli, Matheus Z. Francisco

chapter Chapter 6|29 pages

Flood Studies Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Data

BySandro Martinis, Claudia Kuenzer, André Twele

part IV|82 pages


chapter 7|14 pages

Remote Sensing of Mangrove Wetlands

ByChandra Giri

chapter 8|36 pages

Wetland Mapping Methods and Techniques Using Multisensor, Multiresolution Remote Sensing: Successes and Challenges

ByD.R. Mishra, Shuvankar Ghosh, C. Hladik, Jessica L. O’Connell, H.J. Cho

chapter 9|30 pages

Inland Valley Wetland Cultivation and Preservation for Africa's Green and Blue Revolution Using Multisensor Remote Sensing

ByMurali Krishna Gumma, Prasad S. Thenkabail, Irshad A. Mohammed, Pardhasaradhi Teluguntla, Venkateswarlu Dheeravath

part V|29 pages

Snow and Ice

chapter 10|27 pages

Remote Sensing Mapping and Modeling of Snow Cover Parameters and Applications

ByHongjie Xie, Tiangang Liang, Xianwei Wang, Guoqing Zhang

part VI|24 pages


chapter 11|22 pages

Nighttime Light Remote Sensing: Monitoring Human Societies from Outer Space

ByQingling Zhang, Noam Levin, Christos Chalkias, Husi Letu

part VII|26 pages


chapter 12|24 pages

Geomorphological Studies from Remote Sensing

ByJames B. Campbell, Lynn M. Resler

part VIII|115 pages

Droughts and Drylands

chapter 13|9 pages

Agricultural Drought Detection and Monitoring Using Vegetation Health Methods

ByFelix Kogan, Wei Guo

chapter 14|17 pages

Agricultural Drought Monitoring Using Space-Derived Vegetation and Biophysical Products: A Global Perspective

ByFelix Rembold, Michele Meroni, Oscar Rojas, Clement Atzberger, Frederic Ham, Erwann Fillol

chapter 15|33 pages

Remote Sensing of Drought: Emergence of a SatelliteBased Monitoring Toolkit for the United States

ByBrian Wardlow, Martha Anderson, Tsegaye Tadesse, Chris Hain, Wade T. Crow, Matt Rodell

chapter 16|15 pages

Regional Drought Monitoring Based on Multisensor Remote Sensing

ByJinyoung Rhee, Jungho Im, Seonyoung Park

chapter 17|35 pages

Land Degradation Assessment and Monitoring of Drylands

ByMarion Stellmes, Ruth Sonnenschein, Achim Röder, Thomas Udelhoven, Stefan Sommer, Joachim Hill

part IX|57 pages


chapter 19|27 pages

Humanitarian Emergencies: Causes, Traits, and Impacts as Observed by Remote Sensing

ByStefan Lang, Füreder Petra, Olaf Kranz, Brittany Card, Roberts Shadrock, Papp Andreas

part X|30 pages


chapter 20|28 pages

Remote Sensing of Volcanoes

ByRobert Wright

part XI|35 pages


chapter 22|17 pages

Remote Sensing-Based Mapping and Monitoring of Coal Fires

ByAnupma Prakash, Claudia Kuenzer

part XII|34 pages

Urban Areas

chapter 23|17 pages

Urban Growth Mapping of Mega Cities: Multisensor Approach

ByHasi Bagan, Yoshiki Yamagata

chapter Chapter 24|14 pages

Latest High-Resolution Remote Sensing and Visibility Analysis for Smart Environment Design

ByYoshiki Yamagata, Daisuke Murakami, Hajime Seya