An Introduction to High-Pressure Science and Technology provides you with an understanding of the connections between the different areas involved in the multidisciplinary science of high pressure. The book reflects the deep interdisciplinary nature of the field and its close relationship with industrial applications.Thirty-nine specialists in high

part I|2 pages


chapter 1|48 pages

Thermodynamics of Solids under Pressure

ByAlberto Otero de la Roza, Víctor Luaña, and Manuel Flórez

chapter 2|24 pages

Mechanisms of Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions

ByManuel Flórez, J. Manuel Recio

chapter 3|30 pages

Ab Initio High-Pressure Simulations

ByAlfonso Muñoz González, Plácida Rodríguez-Hernández

chapter 4|26 pages

Structure Prediction at High Pressures

ByMiriam Marqués, Ángel Morales, José Manuel Menéndez

chapter 5|27 pages

Chemical Bonding under Pressure

ByRoberto A. Boto, Miriam Marqués, Armando Beltrán, Lourdes Gracia, Juan Andrés, Vanessa Riffet, Vanessa Labet, Julia Contreras-García

part II|1 pages

Experimental Techniques

chapter 6|30 pages

High-Pressure Generation and Pressure Scales

ByValentín García Baonza, Javier Sánchez-Benítez

chapter 7|30 pages

Structure Determination

ByJulio Pellicer-Porres, Daniel Errandonea, Alfredo Segura

chapter 8|46 pages

Optical Spectroscopy

ByFernando Rodríguez, Rafael Valiente, Víctor Lavín, Ulises R. Rodríguez-Mendoza

chapter 9|36 pages

Vibrational Spectroscopy

ByJesús González, Francisco Javier Manjón

chapter 10|32 pages

Physical Properties of Fluid Media

ByBérengère Guignon, Valentín García Baonza

part III|2 pages


chapter 13|18 pages

Biotechnological Sciences and Industrial Applications

ByOscar R. Montoro, Nadia A. S. Smith

chapter 14|30 pages

High-Pressure and High-Temperature Conditions as Tools for Synthesis of Inorganic Materials

ByMiguel A. Alario-Franco, Antonio J. Dos santos-García, and Emilio Morán

chapter 15|36 pages

Structure of Earth’s Interior

ByFernando Aguado, David Santamaría

chapter 16|30 pages

Interiors of Icy Moons from an Astrobiology Perspective: Deep Oceans and Icy Crusts

ByOlga Prieto-Ballesteros, Victoria Muñoz-Iglesias, Laura J. Bonales