The product of a world center of excellence in teaching and medical and surgical practice, second edition of a bestseller combines the advantages of a colour atlas with those of a short textbook covering clinical features, epidemiology, investigations, and differential diagnosis. Illustrations include clinical photos, imaging, charts, graphs, and histology where appropriate. The author/editor team, supported by specialist contributions from clinicians at Institute of Child Health/Great Ormond Street, offers an unmatched range of expertise in a compact volume. The book is of lasting reference value to pediatricians in training and practice, and to professionals in many other disciplines.

chapter 1|25 pages

Emergency Medicine

ByDavid Inwald, Mark Peters

chapter 2|15 pages

Child protection

ByAlice Armitage, Deborah Hodes

chapter 3|35 pages

Infectious Diseases

ByVas Novelli, Delane Shingadia, Huda Al-Ansari

chapter 2|29 pages

Respiratory Medicine

ByColin Wallis, Helen Spencer, Sam Sonnappa

chapter |24 pages


ByMichael Burch, Sian Pincott

chapter |19 pages


ByVeronica Kinsler, John Harper

chapter 7|46 pages


ByKen K. Nischal

chapter |52 pages


ByFenella Kirkham, Adnan Manzur, Stephanie Robb

chapter |48 pages


BySusan Hill, Keith Lindley

chapter |17 pages

Renal Diseases

ByStephen D. Marks

chapter |30 pages


ByOwen P. Smith, Ian Hann

chapter |30 pages


ByGill A. Levitt, Penelope Brock, Tanzina Chowdhury, Mark Gaze, Darren Hargrave, Judith Kingston, Antony Michalski, Olga Slater

chapter Chapter 13|39 pages


ByMehul Dattani, Catherine Peters

chapter Chapter 14|31 pages

Metabolic Diseases

ByStephanie Grünewald, Alex Broomfield, Callum Wilson

chapter Chapter 15|36 pages


ByJane A. Hurst, Richard H. Scott

chapter Chapter 16|24 pages

Immunology (primary Immunodeficiency Syndromes

ByStephan Strobel, Alison M. Jones

chapter 17|25 pages


ByClarissa Pilkington, Kiran Nistala, Helen Lachman, Paul Brogan

chapter 18|37 pages

Neonatal and General paediatric Surgery

ByLewis Spitz, Joe Curry

chapter 19|21 pages


Edited ByChris Jephson, C. Martin Bailey

chapter Chapter 20|17 pages

plastic Surgery

ByKangesu Loshan, Jonathan A. Britto, Neil Bulstrode, David Dunaway, Paul Morris, Branavan Sivakumar, Gill Smith, Guy Thorburn

chapter Chapter 21|46 pages

Orthopaedics and Fractures

ByDeborah M. Eastwood

chapter Chapter 22|20 pages


ByNaima Smeulders

chapter Chapter 23|16 pages

Allergic Diseases

ByAdam Fox, George Du Toit, Stephan Strobel