Microbial biosurfactants are green molecules with high application potential in environmental and industrial sectors. Chemical diversity of biosurfactants allows them versatility and broad range surfactants capability without compromising performance or economic viability. Biosurfactants are used as emulsifiers, dispersants, wetting agents, oil recovery agents, biopesticides, stabilizers, solubilizers, and bioremediation agents (pesticide, heavy metals and oil spill cleanup). This comprehensive book on biosurfactants and their environmental and industrial applications offers a broad spectrum of information on potential applications of biosurfactants in various fields and related technological developments.

chapter 1|15 pages

Introduction to Microbial Biosurfactants

ByRengathavasi Thavasi, Ibrahim M. Banat

chapter 2|12 pages

Downstream Processing of Microbial Biosurfactants

ByRengathavasi Thavasi, Ibrahim M. Banat

chapter 3|28 pages

Sophorolipids: Unique Microbial Glycolipids with Vast Application Potential

ByRichard D. Ashby, Daniel K.Y. Solaiman

chapter 4|25 pages

Antimicrobial Applications of Rhamnolipids in Agriculture and Wound Healing

BySoroosh Soltani Dashtbozorg, Krutika Invally, Ashwin Sancheti, Lu-Kwang Ju

chapter 5|25 pages

Microbial Production and Applications of Mannosylerythritol, Cellobiose and Trehalose Lipids

ByChandraprasad Madihalli, Mukesh Doble

chapter 6|23 pages

Microbial Glycoprotein and Lipopeptide Biosurfactants: Production, Properties and Applications

ByAna Belén Moldes, Xanel Vecino, L. Rodríguez-López, M. Rincón-Fontán, José Manuel Cruz

chapter 7|45 pages

Biosurfactants from Lactic Acid Bacteria

BySurekha K. Satpute, Parijat Das, Karishma R. Pardesi, Nishigandha S. Mone, Deepansh Sharma, Ibrahim M. Banat

chapter 8|35 pages

Biosurfactants from Actinobacteria: State of the Art and Future Perspectives

ByMarilize Le Roes-Hill, Kim A. Durrell, Johannes H. Kügler

chapter 9|33 pages

Biosurfactants and their Applications in Petroleum Industry

ByNayereh Saborimanesh, Catherine N. Mulligan

chapter 10|16 pages

Natural and Microbial Biosurfactants’ Use in the Food Industry

ByJenyffer Medeiros Campos, Ibrahim M. Banat, Leonie Asfora Sarubbo

chapter 11|30 pages

Biosurfactants in Cosmetic, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Industry

ByLetizia Fracchia, Chiara Ceresa, Ibrahim M. Banat

chapter 12|52 pages

Biosynthesis of Glycolipids and their Genetic Engineering

BySylwia Jezierska, Silke Claus, Inge Van Bogaert

chapter 13|23 pages

Microbial Biosurfactants: From Lab to Market

BySophie L.K.W. Roelants, Lisa Van Renterghem, Karolien Maes, Bernd Everaert, Emile Redant, Brecht Vanlerberghe, Sofie L. Demaeseneire, Wim Soetaert

chapter 14|7 pages

The Future of Microbial Biosurfactants and their Applications

ByRoger Marchant