Biodiversity of the food system is crucial for food production and loss of biodiversity is a pressing issue. This book focuses on biodiversity’s crucial role in food systems, health and well-being, and fate of the natural environment. It provides practical recommendations on how proper food systems can sustain a healthier planet and protect biodiversity. Sections provide a comprehensive understanding of the urgent need for promoting biodiversity-promoting food systems that help maintain planetary boundaries that are at risk; mimic the natural processes of highly integrated ecosystems; and improve human/planetary health while providing a wholesome and sufficient food supply.

part Part 1|1 pages

Biodiversity Loss, Planetary Boundaries, Food Systems, and Human Health

chapter Chapter 1|10 pages

The Intersection of Biodiversity, Food, and Health

ByIrana W. Hawkins

chapter Chapter 2|16 pages

Biological Diversity—Life on Earth

ByLoyal A. Mehrhoff

chapter Chapter 3|26 pages

Industrial Agriculture, Biodiversity, and Planetary Boundaries

ByKumara Sidhartha

chapter Chapter 4|10 pages

Our Soils in Peril

ByGandhi Anandi

chapter Chapter 5|12 pages

The Far-Reaching Impact of Disposable Plastic

ByR ebecca Prince-Ruiz

chapter Chapter 6|16 pages

Just Food—Sustenance, Fairness, and Biodiversity

ByValerie J. Stull, Michael M. Bell

chapter Chapter 7|16 pages

The Industrialized Food System and Food Insecurity

ByJasia Steinmetz

chapter Chapter 8|30 pages

The Industrialized Food System and Chronic Disease

ByAngie Tagtow

chapter Chapter 9|24 pages

Popular Foods and Biodiversity Loss

ByJessica Jones-Hughes, Mildred L. Alvarado, Cristina Liberati, Carly Kadlec, Tobias Lunt, Dary Goodrich, Leif Rawson-Ahern, Ravdeep Jaidka

part Part II|1 pages

Creating Biodiversity-Friendly, Sustainable Solutions

chapter Chapter 10|24 pages

Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture

ByCatherine Badgley

chapter Chapter 11|22 pages

The Importance of Saving Seeds

ByBill McDorman, Stephen Thomas

chapter Chapter 12|20 pages

Urban and Regional Planning for Biodiversity and Food Systems

ByKimberley Hodgson, Tara Moreau

chapter Chapter 13|16 pages

Taking It Outside

The Value Added By Experiential Learning On Food Systems
ByAlison H. Harmon

chapter Chapter 14|16 pages

The Road to Health Goes Through the Kitchen

BySharon Palmer

chapter Chapter 15|20 pages

A Whole Foods Plant-Centered Diet

ByMonique Richard

chapter Chapter 16|16 pages

Redefining Medical Practice with Lifestyle Medicine and Environmental Care

BySaray Stancic

chapter Chapter 17|18 pages

Too Many Prescriptions, Too Few Plants

Lessons on Diabetes Care from a Nurse Practitioner
ByCaroline Trapp

chapter Chapter 18|16 pages

A Global Network of Environmental Stewardship in Healthcare

ByStacia Clinton

chapter Chapter 19|20 pages

Creating Biodiversity-Friendly Healthcare Institutions

ByChin-Lon Lin, Tina H.T. Chiu

chapter Chapter 20|6 pages

The Smallest Sprouts

Engaging Children in Healthy Food Systems
ByKatrina Hoch