Despite the relevance of and empirical evidence for African Traditional Medicine, based on African Indigenous Medical Knowledge (AIMK), research and development of new phytomedicines from this continent has been slow. African Indigenous Medical Knowledge and Human Health aims to provide a catalyst for health innovations based on the rich African biodiversity and AIMK. The book documents some of the success stories from the continent related to AIMK and serves as a one-step reference for all professionals interested in the research and development of medical interventions - including pharmacognosists, ethnobiologists, botanists, phytochemists, pharmacologists and medical scientists.

chapter 1|50 pages

Traditional Medicine Situation in Africa

Where Are We?
ByOssy MJ Kasilo, Jean-Baptiste Nikiema, Abayneh Desta, André Lona

chapter 2|14 pages

Intellectual Property Rights and Traditional Medical Knowledge in Africa

Issues and Development
ByWend Wendland, Fei Jiao

chapter 3|22 pages

African Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medical Knowledge

Access and Benefit Sharing in the Context of Research and Development
ByGerard Bodeker, Emma Weisbord, Drissa Diallo, Robert Byamukama, Yahaya Sekagya, Charlotte I.E.A. van't Klooster

chapter 4|28 pages

Using Appropriate Methodology and Technology for Research and Development of African Traditional Medicines

ByRasoanaivo Philippe, Merlin Wilcox, Bertrand Graz

chapter 5|16 pages

Development and Commercialization of Asiaticoside in Madagascar

ByPhilippe Rasoanaivo, Alain Loiseau, Lucile Allorge-Boiteau, Vinany Loharanombato

chapter 6|12 pages

Neem, Azadirachta indica

BySunita Facknath

chapter 7|8 pages

Commercialization of Plant-Based Medicines in South Africa

Case Study of Aloe ferox
ByDavid R. Katerere

chapter 8|14 pages

The Story of Niprisan

A Clinically Effective Phytomedicine for the Management of Sickle Cell Disorder
ByCharles Wambebe

chapter 9|28 pages


The Miracle Plant
ByCharles Wambebe

chapter 10|19 pages

African Traditional Medicine

The Way Forward
ByKofi Busia