The development of a new book about Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the challenges to managers and engineers is essential because it introduces new lines of research in management and production. The use of EI and NLP allows management to take a more strategic role in organisations. There is a growing importance of sophisticated analysis for managers to support decision making, to use emotional information in order to guide thinking and behaviour, as well as to manage emotions to adapt environments and achieve the organisation's goals. This book addresses several dimensions of EI and NLP and its impact in business and organisation competitiveness.


  • Focuses on the latest research findings that are occurring in this field all over the world
  • Shows in what ways companies around the world are facing today's EI and NLP challenges
  • Presents knowledge and insights on an international scale
  • Assists researchers and practitioners in selecting among the different options and strategies, the more relevant priorities to managing competitive organisations
  • Offers the latest developments in the field and of forthcoming international studies

chapter chapter one|31 pages

The relationship between Emotional Intelligence and job performance

An evidence-based literature review with implications for scientists and engineers

chapter chapter two|20 pages

Emotional Intelligence

Telling the history and discovering the models