Pocket Guide to Bacterial Infections provides information pertinent to the behaviour of bacterial cells during their interactions with different cell types of multiple host systems. This book will present the role of various bacterial pathogens affecting the host system. The book is to be organized flexibly so that chapters and topics are arranged with continuity from the former chapters. Each chapter has been made as self-contained as possible to promote this flexibility. This book will discuss each of the virulence properties of the bacteria with reference to their interacting hosts in a larger perspective.

Kwey selling features:

  • Summarizes the role various bacterial pahtogens affect the host system
  • Reviews recent advances for combating different types of bacterial infections that infect different body parts
  • Designed as an effective teaching and research tool providing up to date information on bacterial infections
  • Defines important terms
  • Written in a readable and direct writing style
  • chapter 1|58 pages

    Bacteria Causing Gastrointestinal Infections

    Overview of Types of Bacteria Causing Gastrointestinal Infections, Mode of Infection, Challenges in Diagnostic Methods, and Treatment

    chapter 4|31 pages

    Oral Health

    A Delicate Balance between Colonization and Infection

    chapter 5|12 pages

    Bacterial Infections in Atherosclerosis

    Atherosclerosis Microbiome

    chapter 6|20 pages

    Neonatal Bacterial Infection

    Insights into Pathogenic Strategy and Onset of Meningitis and Sepsis

    chapter 7|35 pages

    Bacterial Infections of the Oral Cavity

    Bacterial Profile, Diagnostic Characteristics, and Treatment Strategies

    chapter 9|54 pages

    Beneficial Lactic Acid Bacteria

    Use of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Production of Probiotics