Flexibility and stretchability of electronics are crucial for next generation electronic devices that involve skin contact sensing and therapeutic actuation. This handbook provides a complete entrée to the field, from solid-state physics to materials chemistry, processing, devices, performance, and reliability testing, and integrated systems development. This work shows how microelectronics, signal processing, and wireless communications in the same circuitry are impacting electronics, healthcare, and energy applications.

Key Features:

• Covers the fundamentals to device applications, including solid-state and mechanics, chemistry, materials science, characterization techniques, and fabrication;

• Offers a comprehensive base of knowledge for moving forward in this field, from foundational research to technology development;

• Focuses on processing, characterization, and circuits and systems integration for device applications;

• Addresses the basic physical properties and mechanics, as well as the nuts and bolts of reliability and performance analysis;

• Discusses various technology applications, from printed electronics to logic and memory devices, sensors, actuators, displays, and energy storage and harvesting.

This handbook will serve as the one-stop knowledge base for readership who are interested in flexible and stretchable electronics.

section I|108 pages


chapter 1|19 pages

Plastic Electronics

ByChang-Hyun Kim

chapter 2|21 pages

Materials—Flexible 1D Electronics

ByAftab M. Hussain

chapter 3|18 pages

Flexible 2D Electronics in Sensors and Bioanalytical Applications

ByParikshit Sahatiya, Rinky Sha, Sushmee Badhulika

chapter 4|28 pages

Flexible and Stretchable Thin-Film Transistors

ByJoseph B. Andrews, Jorge A. Cardenas, Aaron D. Franklin

chapter 5|18 pages

Mechanics of Flexible and Stretchable Electronics

ByNouha Alcheikh

section II|1 pages


chapter 6|37 pages

Printed Electronics

ByMohammad Vaseem, Atif Shamim

chapter 7|15 pages

Ferroic Materials and Devices for Flexible Memory

BySaidur R. Bakaul, Mahnaz Islam, Md. Kawsar Alam

chapter 8|24 pages

Flexible and Stretchable High-Frequency RF Electronics

ByJuhwan Lee, Inkyu Lee, Zhenqiang Ma

chapter 9|23 pages

Flexible and Stretchable Sensors

ByTae Hoon Eom, Jeong In Han

chapter 10|37 pages

Artificial Skin

ByJoanna M. Nassar

chapter 11|25 pages

Flexible and Stretchable Actuators

ByNadeem Qaiser

chapter 12|23 pages

Flexible and Stretchable Photovoltaics and Its Energy Harvesters

ByDevendra Singh

chapter 13|13 pages

Flexible and Stretchable Energy Storage

ByArwa Kutbee

chapter 14|22 pages

3D Printed Flexible and Stretchable Electronics

ByGalo Torres Sevilla

chapter 15|38 pages

Flexible and Stretchable Paper-Based Structures for Electronic Applications

ByTongfen Liang, Ramendra Kishor Pal, Xiyue Zou, Anna Root, Aaron D. Mazzeo

chapter 16|21 pages

Reliability Assessment of Low-Temperature ZnO-Based Thin-Film Transistors

ByChadwin D. Young, Rodolfo A. Rodriguez-Davila, Pavel Bolshakov, Richard A. Chapman, Manuel Quevedo-Lopez

section III|127 pages

Systems and Applications

chapter 17|16 pages

Reconfigurable Electronics

ByJhonathan Prieto Rojas

chapter 18|52 pages

Flexible and Stretchable Devices for Human-Machine Interfaces

ByIrmandy Wicaksono, Canan Dagdeviren

chapter 19|20 pages

Wearable Electronics

BySherjeel M. Khan, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain

chapter 20|18 pages

Flexible Electronic Technologies for Implantable Applications

BySohail Faizan Shaikh

chapter 21|19 pages

Bioresorbable Electronics

ByJoong Hoon Lee, Gwan-Jin Ko, Huanyu Cheng, Suk-Wong Hwang