The Fourth Edition of Powder Technology Handbook continues to serve as the comprehensive guide to powder technology and the fundamental engineering processes of particulate technology, while incorporating significant advances in the field in the decade since publication of the previous edition. The handbook offers a well-rounded perspective on powder technologies in gas and liquid phases that extends from particles and powders to powder beds and from basic problems to actual applications.

This new edition features fully updated and new chapters written by a team of internationally distinguished contributors. All content has been updated and new sections added on.

Powder Technology Handbook provides methodologies of powder and particle handling technology essential to scientific researchers and practical industrial engineers. It contains contemporary and comprehensive information on powder and particle handling technology that is extremely useful not only to newcomers but also to experienced engineers and researchers in the field of powder and particle science and technology.


part Part 1|1 pages

Particle Characterization and Standard Powder

chapter 1.1|5 pages

Particle Size

ByJunIchiro Tsubaki

chapter 1.2|10 pages

Size Measurement

ByYasushige Mori

chapter 1.3|8 pages

Particle Shape Characterization

ByShigehisa Endoh

chapter 1.4|5 pages

Particle Density

ByYoshiyuki Endo

chapter 1.5|8 pages

Hardness, Stiffness and Toughness of Particles

ByMojtaba Ghadiri, Mehrdad Pasha, Umair Zafar

chapter 1.6|12 pages

Surface Properties and Analysis

ByMasayoshi Fuji, Chika Takai

chapter 1.7|6 pages

Characterization by Atomic Force Microscope

ByNaoyuki Ishida, Vincent S. J. Craig

chapter 1.8|10 pages

Specific Properties of Nanoparticles

ByWolfgang Peukert, Johannes Walter

chapter 1.9|4 pages

Standard Powders and Particles

ByHideto Yoshida

part Part 2|1 pages

Fundamental Properties of Particles

chapter 2.1|5 pages

Optical Properties

ByYasushige Mori

chapter 2.2|10 pages

Electrification and Electrophoresis

ByShuji Matsusaka, Hiroaki Masuda, Hiroyuki Shinto, Tomonori Fukasawa

chapter 2.3|6 pages

Magnetic Properties

ByToyohisa Fujita

chapter 2.4|7 pages

Diffusion of Particles

ByToshiyuki Fujimoto, Kikuo Okuyama, Shinichi Yuu

chapter 2.5|3 pages

Particle Motion in Fluid

ByShinichi Yuu

chapter 2.6|4 pages

Particle Sedimentation

ByShinichi Yuu

chapter 2.7|8 pages

Adhesive Force of Single Particle

ByKuniaki Gotoh, Naoyuki Ishida, Shuji Matsusaka

chapter 2.8|7 pages

Particle Deposition and Reentrainment

ByManabu Shimada, Shuji Matsusaka, Hiroaki Masuda

chapter 2.9|10 pages

Agglomeration (Coagulation)

ByTakafumi Seto, Kikuo Okuyama, Ko Higashitani

chapter 2.10|5 pages

Viscosity of Slurry

ByYoshiyuki Komoda

chapter 2.11|5 pages

Particle Impact Breakage

ByMojtaba Ghadiri

chapter 2.12|4 pages


ByTakafumi Seto, Kikuo Okuyama

chapter 2.13|11 pages


ByQiwu Zhang, Fumio Saito

chapter 2.14|3 pages

Ignition and Combustion Reaction

ByHisao Makino, Ryoichi Kurose

chapter 2.15|6 pages

Solubility and Dissolution Rate

ByHirofumi Takeuchi

part Part 3|1 pages

Properties of Powders and Powder Beds

chapter 3.1|5 pages

Specific Surface Area

ByTakashi Takei

chapter 3.2|7 pages

Adsorption Characteristics

ByTakashi Takei

chapter 3.3|2 pages

Moisture Content

BySatoru Watano

chapter 3.4|8 pages

Electrical Properties

ByKen-ichiro Tanoue, Hiroaki Masuda, Yosufumi Otsubo

chapter 3.5|7 pages

Packing Properties

ByMichitaka Suzuki

chapter 3.6|5 pages

Capillarity of Porous Media

ByMinoru Miyahara

chapter 3.7|5 pages

Permeation (Flow through Porous Media)

ByChikao Kanaoka

chapter 3.8|7 pages

Mechanical Properties of a Powder Bed

ByMichitaka Suzuki

chapter 3.9|6 pages

Fluidity of Powder

ByToyokazu Yokoyama

chapter 3.10|6 pages

Blockage in Storage Vessels

ByHiroshi Takahashi, Jun Yoshida

chapter 3.11|6 pages

Segregation of Particles

ByKuniaki Gotoh

chapter 3.12|9 pages

Vibrational and Acoustic Characteristics

ByJusuke Hidaka

part Part 4|1 pages

Particle Generation and Modification

chapter 4.1|8 pages

Aerosol Particle Generation

ByJakub M. Gac, Sotiris E. Pratsinis

chapter 4.2|10 pages

Generation of Particles by Reactions

ByKakeru Fujiwara, Sotiris E. Pratsinis, Hisao Suzuki

chapter 4.3|6 pages


ByYoshiyuki Shirakawa

chapter 4.4|13 pages

Design and Formation of Composite Particles

ByHideki Ichikawa, Tooru Andoh, Fumihiko Fujii

chapter 4.5|11 pages

Electrical Charge Control

ByTakashi Ogi, Kikuo Okuyama, Shuji Matsusaka, Ko Higashitani, Hidehiro Kamiya

chapter 4.6|6 pages

Surface Modification

ByMakio Naito, Hidehiro Kamiya

part Part 5|1 pages

Powder Handlings and Simulations

chapter 5.1|17 pages

Crushing and Grinding

ByFumio Saito

chapter 5.2|10 pages

Dispersion of Particles

ByKuniaki Gotoh, Ko Higashitani

chapter 5.3|16 pages


ByHideto Yoshida, Kunihiro Fukui

chapter 5.4|7 pages

Storage (Silo)

ByJun Yoshida

chapter 5.5|4 pages


ByShuji Matsusaka

chapter 5.6|10 pages


ByYuji Tomita, Yoshiyuki Komoda

chapter 5.7|15 pages

Fluidization and Fluidized Bed

ByXinhua Liu, Shanwei Hu, Xinhua Liu, Bona Lu, Xizhong Chen, Limin Wang

chapter 5.8|9 pages


BySatoru Watano

chapter 5.9|5 pages

Slurry Conditioning

ByJunIchiro Tsubaki, Takamasa Mori

chapter 5.10|11 pages


ByKazuo Murase, Isao Sekiguchi

chapter 5.11|4 pages

Kneading and Plastic Forming

ByMinoru Takahashi, Masayoshi Fuji

chapter 5.12|6 pages


ByYuji Tatemoto

chapter 5.13|5 pages


ByHisao Makino, Kenji Tanno

chapter 5.14|9 pages

Dust Collection

ByChikao Kanaoka

chapter 5.15|6 pages

Electrostatic Separation

ByKen-ichiro Tanoue, Hiroaki Masuda

chapter 5.16|11 pages

Magnetic Separation

ByToyohisa Fujita

chapter 5.17|3 pages

Dry Dense Medium Separation

ByJun Oshitani

chapter 5.18|4 pages

Gravity Thickening

ByEiji Iritani

chapter 5.19|8 pages


ByEiji Iritani

chapter 5.20|5 pages


ByEiji Iritani

chapter 5.21|13 pages


ByWei Sung Ng, George Vincent Franks, Elizaveta Forbes, Luke Andrew Connal, Hiroki Yotsumoto

chapter 5.22|5 pages

Electrostatic Powder Coating

ByKen-ichiro Tanoue

chapter 5.23|5 pages

Multipurpose Equipment

ByHisao Makino, Hiromi Shirai, Junichi Tatami

chapter 5.24|13 pages

Nanoparticle Handling and Formulation

ByWolfgang Peukert, Stefan Romeis

chapter 5.25|26 pages

Simulation of Powders and Particles in Dry and Wet Phases

ByJunya Kano, Jusuke Hidaka, Mikio Sakai, Yutaka Tsuji, Mojtaba Ghadiri, Tina Bonakdar, Sadegh Nadimi, Kenji Iimura, Ko Higashitani, Ryoichi Yamamoto

part Part 6|1 pages

Process Instrumentation

chapter 6.1|4 pages

Powder Sampling

ByHiroaki Masuda

chapter 6.2|8 pages

Particle Sampling in Gas Flow

ByHideto Yoshida, Hisao Makino

chapter 6.3|6 pages

Concentration and Flow Rate Measurement

ByShuji Matsusaka

chapter 6.4|4 pages

Level Measurement of Powder Bed

ByShuji Matsusaka

chapter 6.5|4 pages

Temperature Measurement of Powder

ByKoichi Nakaso, Kuniaki Gotoh

chapter 6.6|6 pages

On-Line Measurement of Moisture Content

BySatoru Watano

chapter 6.7|6 pages


ByRichard A. Williams

part Part 7|1 pages

Working Atmospheres-Risks, Hazards and Protection

chapter 7.1|4 pages

Health Effects Due to Particle Matter

ByYasuo Morimoto, Toshihiko Myojo

chapter 7.2|5 pages

Risks of Nanoparticles

ByToshihiko Myojo, Hidehiro Kamiya

chapter 7.3|4 pages

Respiratory Protective Devices for Particulate Matter

ByToshihiko Myojo

chapter 7.4|16 pages

Dust Explosion

ByRitsu Dobashi, Wei Gao