Offering a comprehensive approach, this title covers fundamentals, technologies, and management of biological processing of solid waste. It discusses kinetic modeling and synergistic impact evolution during bioprocessing of solid waste, environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emission from biological processing of solid waste, energy recovery from solid waste, and biodrying of solid waste. It also presents cases and challenges from different countries, successful business models, and economic analyses of various processing options.

Aimed at researchers and industry professionals in solid and hazardous waste management, this title offers a wealth of knowledge to help readers understand this increasingly important area.

chapter 1|16 pages

Concept of Biological Solid Waste Treatment

ByQuan Wang, Xiuna Ren, Junchao Zhao, Hongyu Chen, Meijing Wang, Zengqiang Zhang

chapter 2|23 pages

3R Processing for Different Types of Solid Waste Management

ByAnkaram Snehalata

chapter 3|25 pages

Modern Energy Recovery from Renewable Landfill or Bio-Covers of Landfills

ByRena, Gautam Pratibha, Sunil Kumar

chapter 4|27 pages

Composting and Environmental Benefits of Resource Recovery

ByRan Xiao, Quan Wang, Junchao Zhao, Xiuna Ren, Zengqiang Zhang

chapter 6|17 pages

Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Biological Processing of Solid Waste and Their Global Warming Potential

ByMukesh Kumar Awasthi, Hongyu Chen, Sanjeev Kumar Awasthi, Tao Liu, Meijing Wang, Yumin Duan, Jiao Li

chapter 7|18 pages

Bio-Drying of Solid Waste

ByRucha V. Moharir, Rena, Pratibha Gautam, Sunil Kumar

chapter 8|22 pages

Recent Trends in Bioprocessing of Antibiotic Residues and Their Resistant Genes in Solid Waste

ByShashi Arya, Rena, Digambar Chavan, Sunil Kumar

chapter 9|22 pages

Bio-Processing of Mining Solid Waste and Resource Recovery

ByAmjad Ali, Fazli Wahid, Di Guo

chapter 10|49 pages

Biodegradation of Persistent Organic Pollutants

ByKanchan Kumari, Ankur Khare, Siratun Montaha S. Shaikh, Pradip S. Jadhao

chapter 11|35 pages

Heavy Metal Immobilization during Bio-Processing of Solid Waste

ByRonghua Li

chapter 12|34 pages

Recent Developments in the Treatment of Petroleum Hydrocarbon and Oily Sludge from the Petroleum Industry

BySurendra Sarsaiya, Sanjeev Kumar Awasthi, Archana Jain, Saket Mishra, Qi Jia, Fuxing Shu, Jiao Li, Yumin Duan, Ranjan Singh, Mukesh Kumar Awasthi, Jingshan Shi, Jishuang Chen