This book considers the most contemporary innovations propelling the extractive industries forward while also creating new environmental and social challenges. The socio-ecological fabric of innovation in the extractive industries is considered through an integrative approach that brings together engineers, natural scientists, and social scientists—academics and practitioners—giving an empirically grounded and realistic evaluation of the innovations in this sector. It synthesizes a series of questions including:

section I|87 pages

Processes and Organizational Designs Underpinning Innovation in the Resources Sector

chapter 1|24 pages

Understanding the Innovation Ecosystem in Mining and What the Digital Revolution Means for It

ByJohn Steen, Sam Macaulay, Nadja Kunz, John Jackson

chapter 2|14 pages

Mining Innovation: Barriers and Imperatives

ByKane Usher, Ian Dover

chapter 4|3 pages

Vignette: Technological Innovation in Mexico’s Hydrocarbon Sector

ByVictor Gerardo Ortiz Gallardo

section II|132 pages

Advances in Mining, Oil, and Gas Technologies

chapter 7|23 pages

Digital Mining: Past, Present, and Future

ByJonathon C. Ralston, Craig A.R. James, David W. Hainsworth

chapter 11|17 pages

A Statistical Framework for Data-Driven Assessment of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources

ByJustin Montgomery, Francis O’Sullivan

chapter 12|17 pages

Application of Advanced Data Analytics to Improve Haul Trucks Energy Efficiency in Surface Mines

ByAli Soofastaei, Peter Knights, Mehmet Kizil

chapter 14|3 pages

Streamlining and Standardizing Data Use in the Extractive Industries

ByEnergistics Consortium

chapter 15|5 pages

Vignette: Innovations in Deep Seabed Mining

ByLindsey Harris

chapter 16|14 pages

Extracting Off-Earth Resources

BySerkan Saydam

section III|133 pages

Social Responsibility and Environmental Stewardship

chapter 17|3 pages

Vignette: Land Access and Social Consensus

BySharon Flynn

chapter 18|20 pages

Leveraging Social Investment

ByJohn D. Moore, Andry Nowosiwsky, Valentina Kaman, Gary Krieger

chapter 19|20 pages

Mobile Money and Financial Inclusion in the Papua New Guinea Resource Regions

ByTim A. Grice, Saleem H. Ali

chapter 21|12 pages

Social Incident Investigation in Mining: Thinking Outside the Fence

ByDeanna Kemp, John R. Owen, Jill Harris

chapter 22|26 pages

Social Media and Community Relations: Five Key Challenges and Opportunities for Future Practice

ByColette Einfeld, Sara Bice, Chen Li

chapter 23|12 pages

Phytomining: Using Plants to Extract Valuable Metals from Mineralized Wastes and Uneconomic Resources

ByPhilip N. Nkrumah, Guillaume Echevarria, Peter D. Erskine, Anthony van der Ent